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Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by SMM, Sep 17, 2008.

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    First of all, this is a project by the DNC. So, republicans have a built in reason to simply ignore it. However, for Independents, it is important to know that everything listed (and it is a easy to follow list), has the source and link for every item right there. So, you can make your own evaluation. It is not just the DNC spewing campaign rhetoric.

    Here is a link to today's CNN story/video, which is "by far the most thorough debunking I’ve seen to date on the myriad of lies coming from Team McCain", especially from the MSM.

    Do you want to elect a man, who's campaign is main strategy is to shamelessly lie his way into the WH? And to top it off, Palin's lies are on par with him. Unqualified and a liar to boot - a marriage made in heaven.

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    Pretty damning but I think his biggest troubles lie ahead as the economy takes center stage.

    Yesterday, he was against bailing out AIG. (According to what I saw on ABC, the taxpayers seemed to get an OK deal here - it'sa loan backed by 80% in stock options and any asset sale proceeds will be realized by taxpayers).

    Today, he is for tough regulations on Wall Street.

    Nice flip flop from one of the champions of the law that is said to have caused the problems.
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    Terrific find, SMM. I think that place could use a little more structure (like breaking up those paragraphs into smaller, more coherent ones), but it looks like a good resource for those of us trying to debunk the BS from the McCain campaign.

    I myself have gotten e-mails from relatives concerned about some of the anti-Obama stuff they're hearing. ("Is this true about Obama?") I think I'll refer them to that site.

    As far as that CNN video goes, I think what the guy said at the end is happening, at least a little: the lies are getting so outrageous that they are starting to come back and bite McCain-Palin on the ass.
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    #4 is a decent site with nifty visuals for those who don't want to have to read...

    They rank claims/attacks with a scale of True, Mostly True, Half True, Barely True, False, and Pants on Fire. They also have a Flip-Flop meter as well.
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    New Video - must see for demos and Independents

    Howdy. This is slightly off-topic, but as thread starter, hopefully I am able to grant myself some discretion. It is from from MSNBC, by way of C&L.

    Matthews had been siding with Bush and then McCain, for a long time. Then something happened to him, about ~4-6 weeks ago. Not sure what is was. Maybe he was ordered by management to 'be kind to them', or he was doing it on his own volition? Maybe he has been hanging with Obermann and Maddow, and has regained his equilibrium? Whatever changed for 'Tweety' it has been noticed and appreciated (except by some of those being interviewed. They came in expecting the usual 'cream-puffs' to be tossed to them, so they could just go to the talking points. Instead, they are ambushed by a pitbull.

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