The Epic (World Wide) Drought

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Huntn, Aug 29, 2014.

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    I heard about the Epic South American Drought on PBS this morning, came home and found the link backed up by this article: World Wide Droughts.

    It's been reported that this drought is severe and widespread and will effect food prices in North America soon. The lakes in Panama are so low, that there are plans to restrict Panama Canal traffic. A reservoir in São Paulo that provides water for 10M people is on the verge of drying up.

    I also heard on PBS, that in Houston, the temp zone has been raised twice in the last 20 years raising the minimum temp from 10 to 20 degrees F. (Zone 8a to 9a).


    Now the politics...
    Regarding Conservatism and the environment, my question is do conservatives deny climate change because:

    A. Heads in the sand. Resist expensive "hair-brain" liberal plans to save the Earth and our species, because they really don't believe it.
    B. More worried about their pocketbooks than any imagined hot day.
    C. Believe that we are along for the ride, so why waste money.

    It's perplexing when proposed changes in our way of living to help the situation are met with such resistance. Using the change in Houston weather, I'm sure someone will come back with, there is no proof this is not cyclical versus long term.
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    While over in Europe we have had the wettest winter, and the wettest summer in decades.:(
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    We humans are an incredibly smart species, but so frickin dumb at the very same time. We have rising oceans because of climate change and can't come up with a practical way to convert ocean water to fresh water? This would take care of rising ocean levels and the drought in one shot.
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    I wonder what volume of water a desalination plant can produce?
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    As much as you want, but DS is energy intensive. So not without releasing enough additional GH gases, making the problems it's suppose to solve, worse.
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    Same here in Upstate NY State. Seems like it rains almost every other day and twice on Sunday. Plus we have Yet reached normal summer temperatures yet this year.
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    But the big difference is my country is already under sea level.:p
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    Downstate, on Long Island, we've had the longest spring ever. I must say, it's been glorious. Who the hell ever heard of sleeping with windows open in July and August.
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    It's already affecting food prices, and has been for a while now. Beef prices have been rising, in part, due to droughts, which has caused farmers to liquidate their herds, which in turn has created shortages, driving prices upwards, etc.

    NPR reported on this, a year ago.
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    Wacky weather. Welcome to the world of Climate Change! Our great-grandchildren will curse our names.

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