The expanding U.S. longevity gap between rich and poor

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    I wasn't exactly surprised by this, but it is dispiriting all the same.

    (i'm not sure how well this graph will display, but, the original is here:

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    Wait until science prolongs life by growing artificial replacement organs. When a fresh new replacement heart built from your own genome costs $10,000,000.00, the 1% will live for centuries. Well, at least they won't harvest our organs like Burl Ives.
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    The gender gap sure does seem to be closing quickly in the bottom 40%.
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    I think this could explain a lot of the difference.
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    You think we have a population problem now. It will be full on Soylent Green if people start living centuries.
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    Sarcasm: The rich eat broccoli, the poor eat Twinkies. That said, the richer among us can afford elective medical care in advance of dire need. Self-maintenance is causal to better health and longevity.

    As the percentage of poor in our society continues its increase, the disparity will increase.
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    Nobody's quite sure if NAFTA helped or hurt:

    All we know is, when wages go down, and wages are the value of work...

    As for Toilet Paper Party or whatever it's called, nobody knows anything and it's so ooga-booga secret (and has Obama smiling with all sorts of Republicans) that heckling is going to be the result of bipartisan audiences because nobody knows any better about what's intended in the latest possible propping up of the failed trickle down supply side free market market economy society.

    Here's a fun read, if people haven't seen it before:
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    You are right. Tpp is legislation for rich people by rich people.
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    It's OK. You can sell your organs to the rich. (See Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro.)
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    It's not sarcasm at all, it's truth. The wealthy can and do shop at Whole Foods Markets or Trader Joes, where most foods are likely organic, or gluten-free, low-cholesterol, low-fat, high anti-oxidants, health conscious. These healthy foods cost more.

    While the poor will eat the unhealthy crap at McDonalds and Taco Bell and Burger King.

    The poor of the USA are not skinny (like the African starving poor). The American poor are often morbidly obese because they can only afford to eat unhealthy crap. Even if they were given enough money to afford healthier foods, they rarely have the education and understanding to know why they should embrace healthier foods. The word morbid has connotations with mortality and death. We use it in the health care industry because it is simply true that obesity is linked to dozens of illnesses and conditions that will eventually kill you, shorten your lifespan.

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    I think this report isn't that helpful as it does not specifically attribute factors to hypothesize why richer people live longer.

    The assumption to most would probably be that rich people can afford more and better healthcare. While that is certainly a component, there are other factors like...

    Obesity rates are higher in poorer classes
    - Lack of education
    - Lack of exercise (perhaps due to time/responsibilty constraints)
    - Choosing quick and easy fast/junk food over healthier meal options (perhaps due to education, time constraints)

    Stress levels in poorer classes vs wealthier

    Drug/Alcohol use in poorer classes vs wealthier
    (This complex because of different types of drugs with different risk profiles and regional differences--- but generally more affluent, more educated people are less likely to partake in drugs)

    Transmission of STDs are higher in lower classes vs higher

    Violence (neighborhood, gangs, etc) tends to be higher in poorer communities than wealthier ones.

    Etc, etc, etc

    I read the excerpt and it's a good starting point-- kind of common sense, but determining the factors influencing the rates and to what extent they change outcomes is of greater importance.
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    I dont buy the argument you have to shop at Whole Foods to eat healthier. Do some research and find that Whole Foods is basically a brilliant marketing scheme. Eating all-natural and organic is a recent fad and most people don't follow such a diet.

    The biggest factor I believe regarding healthy eating in the underprivileged is that buying a meal at McDonalds is cheaper and easier than cooking a home cooked meal. If you're a single mother taking care of 2 or 3 kids, working 2 jobs to make ends meet, you're not neccesarily going to have the time to cook a 3 course meal for your family.
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    I think each type of study has its merits. There are actually some very nonlinear interactions among some types of risks. e.g. Smoking and certain asbestos exposures combined are very bad -- much worse than a linear risk effect. (That is just an example.)

    This is a "bottom line" study -- the evolution of adult life expectancy as a function of income percentile, combining all those linear and non-linear effects. And, the bottom line is that people with below-median income are not doing well compared to the well-off. Certainly, the next step is to understand the whys better.

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