The first Apple Tablet... FROM 1979

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    Link: The first Apple Tablet... FROM 1979
    Description:: Way back before programs like Photoshop roamed the earth, creating pictures on computers was far from a straightforward process. To make things a little bit easier, Apple released a Graphics Tablet in 1979 which enabled users to draw on the tablet with a wired stylus pen and transfer those creations over to their computer. The original asking price? $650.

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    The photos looked like it doubled as a serving tray for your meals.
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    Back in the days when it was literally made in the U.S.A., not just designed here.
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    Everything Apple is made in China or some other East Asian country. Luckily I still own a Power Mac G5 which other than some Mac Pros are probably the last US assembled products that Apple will ever make. On the flip side I predict that there is a possibility that manufacturing jobs will come back to the US but unfortunately that will take the peak oil scenario to play its course. When and if oil hits $500-$1000 a barrel and gas costs $5-$10 a gallon within the next 5-10 years then the jobs will come back to the US. At that point manufacturing in the US will start to make sense again as the shipping costs would start to eat away at any cost savings associated with outsourcing, also China and the rest of the developing world will eventually tire of being the worlds factory.

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