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    Hi all!

    In reading and responding to the "Why do you reject Christianity?" thread, I thought it would be interesting to hear the stories of former believers in any religion who have since left.

    Here's the story I posted in that thread:

    I'm a former Evangelical Christian. I left my faith in 2016 after I spent the first 24 years of my life in the Church. I was heavily involved in ministry, including worship team and youth ministry. (My avatar is me with our youth pastor at a High School Christmas party!)

    I reject God because I haven't found substantial proof that he's real. People always pointed me to the same resources: More Than a Carpenter, The Case for Christ, Ravi books. I've even seen Ravi live!

    In 2015, I watched a Bill Burr special, "I'm Sorry You Feel That Way," in which he talked about how he left his faith behind. He spoke about how he always criticized other religions, never realizing that people from other religions were asking the same thing about his religion. It was something to chew on.

    Around the same time, I became heavily interested in reading about the church of Scientology. It was around the time Going Clear (book and documentary) came out, as well as when Leah Remini left the Church. The story of Scientology is fascinating, and their actions evil. When I would read about these horrible atrocities being committed by the church, I began to wonder why these people stayed. "Don't they see that this is nuts?! How can they believe something like that?" It was then I made the connection between my thoughts and those of Bill Burr.

    I realized in that moment that the only reason I believed what I believed was because I grew up with it. I had no other explanation. I know the apologetics, but at the end of the day, every apologetics argument comes down to having faith. I've never heard a convincing argument as to why I should take that leap.

    Honestly, it's been quite painful since leaving. My identity was fully wrapped up in the Church world and in my faith. But now that I understand the amount of brainwashing I was subjected to, whether intentional or not. I can't "un-understand" what I now understand about the absence of God.

    So that's why.
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    I've never believed, but I thank you for a well needed dose of rationalism in this darkest of times.
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    But see, you’re making your point that doesn’t speak for all believers. Just you. And that’s fine. However, you can make the same argument for the ones that never believed in Christ, but eventually found Jesus.
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    Super true. I didn't mean to leave that last part in from the other thread and have since fixed it :)
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    omg i am so disappointed...

    i took the thread title to be a call to former and now recovering Trump addicts.

    nm, a thread like that will pop up at some point (speaking of matters of faith)

    meanwhile do carry on, it's a nice thread idea. I have not managed to become a former believer yet. I'm probably guilty of cafeteria style Anglican-flavored Christianity though. I'm willing to risk hellfire and damnation for the music alone. I'll be back if it turns out I realize that I can't live with the hypocrisy of being uncertain while singing the Credo.

    Maybe I'm a bit like the composer Franz Schubert in the sense that it's not so much Christ as the churches that sometimes give me agita. He occasionally left out of his Masses the section of the Credo that professes beliefe in "one holy, catholic and apostolic church". For that heresy, his masses were banned from in-cathedral performances in some cities, and were instead mounted in public squares where they drew... many more people... :D
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    Weirdly, its not the message but the messenger that turns me off of Religion. I still find value in it, however...
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    Never really liked religion, always found it so boring.

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