The French Way of (21st Century) War

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    Interesting piece in Politico today about the French military, and its very different manner of going about operations than that which we are used to here in the US:

    If, as seems all but certain, the French increase the scale and tempo of their operations in Syria in response to the Paris attacks, I think its important for us to have a better understanding of what we may be in store for.

    The French way of conducting operations is economical, in terms of the number of aircraft required; the number of troops involved; etc. But its also very important to understand that it carries grave risks. And that if one of those operations goes wrong - it could go very wrong indeed. Like we could see ISIS decapitating a half dozen French paratroopers.

    Not that the US military, and especially our Special Operations Forces, don't undertake hazardous operations. Its just that more often than not, those guys go in knowing there is a backup plan to reinforce or evacuate them if the plan goes badly wrong.
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    Good article. One quibble: they're not that small. France has aircraft carriers, submarines, and is a nuclear power. Their military personnel are highly professional, too.
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    Yes, good article. I think the US could learn a thing or two from the French.
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    The French Navy is good, but very, very small, with low sustainability. Have trained with them, flown with them, dined with them, etc. Respect their warriors, but there aren't enough. At the time, the entire Aeronavale had all of 26 obsolete F8 Crusaders (interesting name, eh?). Now they have less than 40 Rafale's.

    They only have enough assets to effect "pinprick operations", while the US Spec Ops is doing very precision operations as you described. You just don't hear about it.

    President Hollande is going to see exactly what they can do, and I wish them good hunting.
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    French military should be the tip of the spear, in coordination with internationally allied forces as protection and backup.
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    Is this your third, or fourth, PRSI thread of the day?

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