The future of Audio hardware and software?

Discussion in 'Community' started by Opteron, Feb 12, 2004.

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    Feb 10, 2004
    South Australia
    With more and more computers comming with toslink (optical audio) and SPDIF (Sony Phillips Digital Inter-Face), I wonder where the audio hardware market is going?

    The move to SACD and DVD-A is on with more and more titles being released in these high samplerate formats, that reach well beyond the 20KHz, which the human ear can hear. Sony's mini Disc almost made the cut, but hasn't seen the wide market adoption I'm guessing Sony was hoping for.

    The Development of higher quality 'compressed' audio formats is on ernest, with AAC currently leading the way. These formats are seeing ever increasing adoption in portable music player which seem to be replacing the once coverted 'CD Walkman.'

    I'm curious to see where the members of this fourm see the audio hardware and software market progressing in the not to distant future.
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    May 6, 2002
    Even though this is more for music production and performance I found it very interesting:

    The Audiopad
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    May 9, 2001
    I'm 28 and I have been really in to electronic music since I was 14.

    The electronic music industry is not evolving as they should. I have been in some music stores and the electronic section today is a joke, a bunch of boxes with lights to catch the new amateur electronic "musicians".

    I see that the industry need an Steve Job character and we do not have it. No one is agree.

    I see no future for SPDF itself, is like having a firewire port without the iPod.

    I think the music industry still in the old school of engineers but not one mind that can consolidate a path in the business.

    Today music doesn't pay, is more about technology than music itself, that is what companies are selling to us.

    I'm glad I need less and less equipment today, even an audiosuite is 10 times more expensive than a video suite and pay 10 times less.

    At list audio is a media very easy to handles for todays computers. I have my Pismo with Digital Performer, all I need is a Protools Tool Box and a midi controller and I am all set up. I can do what ever I want now.

    I think the music industry have to grow up, the musicians are not looking for the keyboard with more bottons or best looking or the amount of sounds. They need to work.

    By today we shouldn't be using midi cables, everything should be blue tooth by now or at list USB with midi and audio, even Firewire with Midi/Audio and Power. That is how behind the music industry is in general.
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    Jan 19, 2003
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    In the pro arena the move to hi sample rates (up to 192Khz) is already a reality, 24-bit is commonplace and sound manipulation is reaching more and more people via platforms like Logic and ProTools.

    There is a significant problem in the domestic CD player however, everybodys got one, and they all play standard 16-bit 44.1Khz discs. Joe Public doesn't care abour SACD or DVD-a hi-res, they can't tell the difference on their crappy little hi-fi's, until the great unwashed see a significant gain in changing to a different format, change is going to be slow and painful.

    5.1 surround systems on TV's and game consoles is a bit different, because of their applications, so one avenue is to build multi-format machines in the short term and make sure that any new players will always play red-book CD's.

    The easy prediction is the emergence of immensely powerful music generating systems that don't require any talent or application to produce music of no interest whatsoever... Oh wait, that's called a record company isn't it?:D

    I'd like to see more work done on the GUI of pro systems, currently it's very orientated towards emulating existing recording systems, and I'd like something a little more creative, especially for mixing in surround.

    Monitoring systems could improve some as well, as they are very hit amd miss, and good systems are very expensive.

    You can never have enough processing power, once you are recording and mixing inside a computer you really need huge amounts of raw processor grunt, the G5's, thankfully, are beginning to deliver that.
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    Feb 10, 2004
    South Australia

    My computer has a SPDF connector, that I make great use of. The Coaxal and optical (toslink) provide much better audio reproduction than the headphone jack. Also the signal is not limited to stereo.

    Also there are many other uses for the humble firewire port, asside from the iPod.

    Some interesting thoughts though.

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