The Future of Health Care?

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    The intent of this post is not to pick on Texas, but an observation and I can't speak for other large Texas metro areas. I can't even speak for other areas of Houston, just my little corner North of town in what is considered a relatively affluent area.

    About 3 years ago we moved to the Houston Area. Before that we lived in the Minneapolis/St.Paul suburbs. At that point 3 years ago, I had never seen an angry doctor and I visited a big beautiful medical clinic with 10 doctors, fast and efficient, I could always get into see a doctor the same day and most of the time my scheduled appointment was on time.

    Since moving to Houston, my wife and I have tried a variety of doctors. There seems to be a doctor on every corner in little 1 doctor offices. They over schedule patients. At least one I know of brags about seeing 100 patients a day, which does not seem possible to me. Maybe that is for the clinic with two doctors and lots of nurse practitioners. In any case, the result is that you end up sitting around a long time waiting to be seen.

    I have seen more angry, disgruntled doctors here while seeing none living in Mn for 20 years. The first time I visited my flight surgeon for my flying physicals he was visibly agitated about his career. I told a dentist's receptionist I wanted to hold off on getting a cap, and the dentist, angered would not talk to me about it.

    They also hire people off the street to man their front desks and in some cases they have no medical education as compared to Mn which requires an associates degree to work in a drs office. Here, I got a bill from a Dr's office advising me I had a bill with them and to please help them "resolve" this matter. It was the kind of letter you get when you are late on your payments, not a first bill. I called them up and helped the girl at the front desk come up with better wording, if any wording is needed on an initial bill. My wife had a doctor for a while, when she went in for an appointment, she would never see the doctor, just a nurse-practitioner.

    Finally in Mn I was used to getting treatment and getting a bill in the mail. Down here they expect payment up front when you walk in! And they close for lunch!!

    Needless to say we keep looking for a better medical office with at least 3-4 doctors, along with them being happy. So far no luck. This has me wondering if Texas is the cutting edge in the new philosophy of poor medical care in the U.S.A?? ;)
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    I've noticed that trend of when the copay and insurance doesn't cover everything, the first bill comes quickly with a threat to report you to a credit agency if not payed promptly.

    On a side note, is your friend. I've found some great doctors/dentists/optometrists through it when I've moved to new areas. It really takes out all the guess work. I recommend you voice those complaints on yelp as well to help out others in the same situation.

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