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    Present Hardware and Software Configurations

    My 2.0 GHz DC G5 Power Mac has hundreds of books, PDFs, MS Word 2004 documents, MS Entourage e-mails, and DVDs stored on it. I need to transfer this material to a 5.1 Model 2.8 GHz Quad Core Mac Pro, which oddly enough, has only ran a couple hundred hours since it was manufactured in 2010.

    I have both computers running side by side on separate 27-inch ViewSonic 1080p monitors. The Mac Pro’s ATI 5770 video card, and/or the marginal capabilities of these monitors, forces me to reduce its desktop width by 1.5-inches to obtain a workable image at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

    The computers are connected to each other with an Ethernet cable, but I also have a Firewire 800 cable that I could use to connect them.

    The Mac Pro has OS 10.6.8, and MS Office 2008 installed. I bought the “Home and Business – Media Edition” of MS Office 2008 when it was released, as I figured I’d need it for a Mac Pro. Based on Amazon reviews, it appears that MS Office 2004 documents, including Entourage e-mails, can be transferred to MS Office 2011 [Outlook], after they have been converted to MS Office 2008. Support for MS Office 2008 drops after the “Lion OS.” I’m not sure where.

    I ordered 16GB (8GB x 2) of DDR3 1333MHZ PC3-10600 RAM from Other World Computing yesterday. It won’t operate at full speed without a 6-Core [“Hex”] processor, but provides an option for upgrading to one.

    Data Transfer Hardware and Software - Upgrade Questions

    1] Is it possible to transfer everything from the G5 to the Mac Pro in a manner that replicates the two desktops, like a “SuperDuper!” cloned drive? It’s my impression that such transfers can be performed by different methods. I’m sure the question has been asked many times over the years, but there have been many developments since this Mac Pro was manufactured. It occurs to me that there may be new software applications to perform this operation. This data transfer operation from G5 to Mac Pro comprises the most obscure question for me.

    2] I have “Snow Leopard” on the Mac Pro now. Should I install “Lion” [OS 10.7] or “Mountain Lion” [OS 10.8] to make sure I get MS Office documents and e-mail files transferred in a stable fashion, before I upgrade to “Mavericks, Yosemite,” etc? Also, I'm wondering what was the last Mac OS burned on DVD.

    3] I want to upgrade to a 30-32 inch 4K monitor, and may want to have two of them side by side. While most of my work involves writing in MS Word documents, occasionally I need to study video footage. I’m usually looking for fine details when I do, so the higher the resolution the better. I frequently have over a dozen PDF books and word documents open at once, so I like desktop space. I have no interest in video games, but know people who do, and might set up a partition for them. My primary need is for desktop space, at the highest resolution I can afford. What kind of Video Card would I need to provide these capabilities?

    4] These Mac Pros are the last models that allow users to install hard drives, and PCIe cards. I will likely install at least one 2-4 TB Hitachi or Seagate “Enterprise Grade” hard drive. I'm wondering what one would install in this Mac Pro's PCIe slots [USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, etc.] to expand its capabilities, while the cards still exist?

    I figure the real “Mac Pros” are members of this site, and I appreciate the benefit of your consideration regarding these subjects.
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    Pull the hard drive from you G5 temporarily put in in the mac pro's second drive bay install a newer system on the mac pro. and migrate your data don't migrate software if you go newer then 10.6.8 just data and email settings..during the install it might take a while but it should work .some older software might not work right and you will need to update it good luck
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    The problem I am having with this "Migration" is that the Apple Forum's Archives have been "purged," and posts from people who have done this in the past are gone. I have found some Apple Tech and discussions on the subject of migration, but there are certain things, i.e. "Binaries, Java Scripts, caches and/or plug-ins" that I know nothing about, which are totally incompatible with the Mac Pro's Intel architecture, and Mac OS systems that run it.

    It's very kind of Apple to inform me that I should not "Migrate" these things; however, what I need is an application that knows what these things are, and excludes them from being migrated. I have something like 1.25 million files more than the OS 10.5.8 system on my G5. There's address books, iCalendar schedules, e-mail files, browser bookmarks, thousands of folders full of documents, which frequently require me to do something like a "Google Search" just to find things I have stored on my hard drives.

    There is a logical way to perform this migration, and there were a lot of people doing it on this forum several years ago, but they may have moved on.

    Both computers have a "Migration Assistant" utility. I get the "Migration Assistant - Network Setup" window open. After I tell it I want to migrate things to another Mac, it says:

    "Enter the passcode from your other Mac."

    Apple's "Migration Assistant" does not state where the six digit "Passcode" resides. Does anybody know where the Mac Pro's "Passcode" can be found?

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