"...the general attitude was, A dead Iraqi is just another dead Iraqi"

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Thomas Veil, Jul 21, 2007.

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    The Nation (My bold.)

    This is bizarrely fascinating. On a purely gut level, it's disgusting that a significant number of soldiers have the attitude that they can just shoot anybody, knowing they very likely won't be investigated.

    On the other hand -- and I'm not excusing their actions -- it demonstrates to me how crazy-making this mission is to our troops, and another reason why we have to get them out of there. Frankly I don't blame the soldiers for being angry and frustrated, being in a situation where they're trying to "save" a country that clearly doesn't want them there. What I want to know is, if these soldiers' values are becoming so warped by the mission, why is the military keeping them there?

    And finally, I'm stuck (again!) by the parallels to another war. This article sounds a lot like something that could've been written by John Kerry about Vietnam. And Kerry, of course, was called a liar and a traitor for saying many of the same things.
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    Jul 4, 2004
    It was gooks once, now it's towel-heads. Plus ça change.

    And of course, when you do everything in your will to exempt US troops from international justice, then it's no surprise.
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    Jun 7, 2007
    I can only imagine that the war situation plays havoc on anyone's mind, and I would also believe that in many ways it becomes a "you or me" situation. All of this backed by the fact that you might be questioning the validity of your existence there would easily lead to this behavior, IMO. The last quote of the soldier says it all "Why?"
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    Thomas Veil

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    OBJECTIVE reality
    Well, compare Korea and Vietnam and Iraq to something like WWII, for example.

    While there have always been civilian fighters, when our boys fought the Germans throughout Europe, you largely you knew who the enemy was, and you even knew the positions of their tanks and divisions. For the most part both sides "fought fair", and you didn't have to suspect that every civilian who came around the corner was ready to kill you.

    In Korea we started seeing more guerrilla fighters and other booby-traps; we saw even more in Vietnam; and with this war we've attained the charming addition of car bombs and suicide bombers.

    Of course all this hasn't exactly been beyond our control. In Europe we were liberating countries that wanted to be liberated; we also didn't have fanatical religious sectarian attitudes to deal with. We chose to depose Saddam and destabilize the Middle East...I'm sure against the advice of our best generals.
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    Oct 9, 2006

    I would say to say the middle east was already pretty much destabilized by the time we went in.
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    Republic of Ukistan
    Interesting angle from the country which brought us guerilla warfare in 1775.
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    Apr 7, 2003

    Would you like to expand on that?

    US support of some totalitarian regimes in the region and US demonization of other totalitarian regimes in the region means that the US has been extremely hypocritical in the past. The Sauds have only stabilized Arabia through extreme measures much like Iran has. The difference of course, is that Iran is a democracy and SA is not.

    By destabilizing Iraq, Iran, Syria amongst others, we've only made it worse.

    Now, in part due to our actions in Iraq, Turkey is turning away from secularism and threatening to invade the Kurdish parts of Iraq.
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    My friend in the military (Airforce) was saying something like this. Actually, everyone I've talked to that have been there has said the same thing. Even some Vietnam vets say it. Too bad some of our politicians can't see it. It's a mess, and another month isn't going to change that. Another year probably won't change that either.

    I'm just glad he's home safe now, but I can't help feeling bad for those still there, and even worse for those who have to go back.

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