The Good And Bad Of Apple Tech Support

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Earendil, Jul 29, 2004.

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    Oct 27, 2003
    So I finally called Apple tech support to get the "white spot" issues with my powerbook resolved. Haven't had to deal with tech support in a while, and never had to deal with Apple. So this was a new thing, and something I'd like to share.

    The first thing I noticed is, what I assume to be a voice (or word) recognition system that sorted phone calls. I didn't know they did this! highly cool, when it worked. I had to call from work, and wasn't all that busy, so I played along with the computer-
    "please tell me what kind of computer you are using?" (or something to that effect)
    My answer "Powerbook Aluminum".
    That apparently confused the poor computer, and he asked me to repeat it, so I just said "powerbook" and that did the trick. I was asked if the computer belonged to a school, I answered "no" which put me on the waiting list. I was told 15 minutes, and seeing as a costumer had just walked in, I hung up the phone.

    I called back an hour later and went through the same routine, this time around they mistook "G4 Powerbook" for "G4 Powermac" so I hung up and tried again. 3rd time around I said "G4 powerbook" and the computer came back asking "ok, and what kind of computer is that running on?" to which you could probably hear a very audible "uuhhhh" coming from my mouth. I just said "G4 Powerbook" again and everything was fine.

    I was told 5 minutes waiting, it felt like 10, but it really only took 3. The guy I talked to was very nice, very organized, and didn't give me the "is this your first time using a computer/is it plugged into an outlet" run around. Over all I was on the phone maybe 6 or 7 minutes, and a box for me to put my computer in will be shipped out today.
    10 stars for service.

    2 Stars for Apple's policies though.
    So I called to report more than white spots. The white spots are a wide spread known issue with this model, and I expected no questions asked on that. But I also reported my battery not functioning at par. Yeah, I know I'm not going to get 4.5 hours out of it. But I've done a lot of looking around and talking, and the terminal command for battery capacity gives me 2800 (stock is 4600). I get about an hour and a half with Airport off, BT off, screen brightness on the lowest, and only doing text and light app stuff. heaven forbid I turn my AP card on and surf the internet :(

    For reference, a lot of people who got this PB at the same time (which is about 7 months ago) report capacities of 3200-3800. I'm fully aware they lose the ability to hold a charge over time. But a I've lost over 35% charge in 7 months(that includes the software/hardware battery resets), and I fully expected Apple to remedy this issue with my battery.

    But what did the tech guy tell me? "That is fully within expected operational limits".

    I know my battery is functioning below par, but Is this a pretty normal response from Apple? Was my guy on the end of his shift and not listening to me? did he think that with all my settings on low I was getting 2 hours and 20 minutes instead of the one hour and 20 that I'm sure I told him? Any advice would be great....

    Generally a happy experience, except for what Apple thinks is within "normal operating limits" :(


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