The Great Works of Art created by PhotoBG users! Join the current Photo Contest!!

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    Here are beautiful and adorable photos by PhotoBG.
    They are submitting photos to the 2nd PhotoBG Photo Contest~

    The subject is "Flower", it's easy to attend.
    See the following information regarding the contest.

    *** The 2nd Photo Contest ***
    * Subject: Flower

    * Reward
    1. $15 US App Store Gift Card
    2. PhotoBG Redeem Code 3 unit (Most Submitter)

    * Due Date
    Midnight, 15th May (GMT +9)

    * How to join
    1. Follow our twitter ( @GMY_Studio )
    2. Make a background image using this app.
    3. Share the image to twitter using this app (If you use another way to share, append #photobg hash tag)

    * Winner to be announced on 16th May (by Twitter, Facebook, notice in this app)
    * This is the regular photo contest!!

    * The 1st Contest Winner was @ vaspoutin


    PhotoBG Free

    precious memories with flowers #photobg

    @GMY_Studio created using photobg on iPhone #photobg #photobg

    오늘은 로즈데이!! 장미로 사랑을 고백해보아요 ~ 아… 외롭다 ㅠㅠ #photobg

    Flower Contest entry :) #photobg

    Flower Contest! :) #photobg

    비오는 날 학교로 가던 길에 봄의 마무리를 장식하는 꽃들이 고와서 찍어봤습니다. #photobg

    @GMY_Studio #photobg


    에버랜드 튤립축제 막바지에 가서 찍은 사진으로 만들어 봤습니다 ㅋ #photobg

    연꽃2 ㅋ #photobg

    내일은 부처님 오신 날 그래서 만들어 봤습니다 오늘은 연꽃입니다^^ #photobg

    Flower photo contest #photobg

    Flower photo contest :) #photobg

    Flower contest :) #photobg

    오늘은 어버이날~ #photobg

    앱으로 만들어봤어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #photobg

    PhotoBG is here to make high quality resolution background images for iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and so on.
    Create your own wallpapers with your photos using the following powerful but convenient functionalities.

    Supported Resolutions:
    * iPhone (Portrait)
    * iPad (Landscape)
    * iPad (All Directions)
    * Custom (e.g. 1024X76, 1440X900)

    Editing Mode:
    * Portrait / Landscape
    * Menu bar toggle by doubling tapping

    * 3X3, 3X3 Rotated
    * 4X4, 4X4 Rotated
    * 6X6, 6X6 Rotated
    * 8X8, 8X8 Rotated

    Image Effects:
    * Sepia
    * Grayscale
    * Sketch
    * Human
    * Blending with colors
    * Hue + Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Brown
    * Multiply + Red/Green/Yellow/LightBrown
    * Overlay + Blue/Brown
    * Darken + Yellow/LightBrown
    * Soften + Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Brown
    * Difference + Yellow/LightBrown
    * Color + Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Brown

    * Image Border Color
    * Background Color
    * Initial Random Rotation On/Off
    * Image Round Corner
    * Image Shadow Effect
    * Image Shadow Color

    Long Tap Menu:
    * Delete
    * Don't Rotate
    * Set Background

    * Twitter
    * Facebook
    * Mail
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