The iBook problems continue... battery


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Dec 9, 2001
State of Denial
Okay, as many who frequent this forum know, I have an iBook 500Mhz, a truly great computer, that has had a few problems. So far I've had monitor, Airport, trackpad, and software problems. Now a new one arises: the battery. It's 15 months old, and it's just not holding a charge anymore. With minimum backlighting and all the energy saver options on (slow proc speed, the HD spin down options on), and the AirPort card off, it loses 1% of charge in about 40-70 seconds... or so it seems. I say that because, one it hits 0%, instead of going to sleep, it stays at 0% for a half hour or more. I think the power manager may be corrupt but I don't remember in the least how to reset it. If anyone can help, thanks.

MasterX (OSiX)

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Sep 3, 2001
Same problem as me. 500Mhz iBook and same symptoms. Myne would die at 60% though. I did a recondition (not really used for the new batteries, but i was desperate) and it monitored correctly, but then it was so quick i could actually see the bar go down. I reset the power manager (small button next to yur I/O panel) and that did jack. You need a new battery, it sucks a LOT i know, but getting 5 hours again is amazing.

Also i'd like to note i had it plugged in almost always, I have a PowerMac and don't get to use the iBook as much as i'd like.


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Jan 6, 2002
Try discharging the Battery overnight and then remove the Battery and leave the battery out for 3 minutes and replace the battery and turn on the iBook and reset the Pram.
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