Carrier The IMEI on my iPhone doesn't match what's on Verizon's end

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by XTheLancerX, Dec 4, 2015.

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    Let me give you some back story. Skip to the last paragraph if you want to learn about the actual issue.

    Once upon a time in November of 2013 (around Black Friday, like the 28th or something) I found a sweet deal on the iPhone 5S, and a similar deal on the GS4. I had already been in a tossup between the GS4 and the iPhone 5S because I wanted to try something new, was already familiar with iOS. They had a server breakdown or something and they couldn't activate any of the phones in the store, not sure why I didn't just ask them if I could just get the phone and activate it on my own but I digress. Come back the next day, I decide to get a GS4 instead. I loved it! For a week. Then I was wanting to run back to iOS as fast as possible, but I was under contract on that phone, no spare smartphones around that I could just stick the SIM into.

    Almost a year later, the iPhone 6 comes out, and a family member is in dire need of a new smartphone. We went about it all wrong. We upgraded their line, and then tried to swap the lines so their new phone (the iPhone 6) was now using my number and my old phone (The GS4) was now using their number. "The SIMs were incompatible" - whatever that means. We got transferred up in customer service and someone somehow successfully swapped it up.

    Everything has been fine up until awhile back when we wanted to adjust our plan, my old phone (the GS4) kept "returning an error" on their end when we were trying to make the change. They discover something weird with the IMEI's (I think), we tell them the numbers, they swapped it up somehow, it went okay from then on out

    And now is when I discover the strangeness. On My Verizon, it tells me that my iPhone 6, my number and everything, is eligible for an upgrade. What? I got the phone on 10/25/14, and only one year later it says I'm done. I don't think it says the GS4 is ready yet, that was purchased around 11/28/13. If I open up "More Details" under my phone which *does* display the correct phone number and everything, the IMEI does not match what is on the actual phone under settings. There is also a SIM number displayed, but I am unsure how I am supposed to check that on my phone. How have I been able to successfully send and receive SMS, MMS, phone calls, VoLTE calls, use data, etc?? No issues with the GS4 either. I'm not able to check if the IMEI on the GS4 matches the one under my phone on My Verizon at the moment, but I will do that later. Will this keep causing issues every time we want to upgrade, adjust the plan, etc? It worked last time we adjusted our plan, but apparently the issue wasn't actually fully fixed when the (very very confused) Verizon rep said it was. Will everything be fixed in a year or so when both of the weird lines presumably have new phones?
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    Wow long story but short reply.

    As long as you are paying your carrier or any carrier they will figure out a way to get things working so that you keep paying them.

    Fix it when it stops working or on next upgrade.

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