The Importance of putting it all in en.lproj

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    Nov 26, 2007
    I did my app entirely in English, but was planning on eventually paying people to do translations, so I had en.lproj all set up with my files containing English. No messages are hardcoded, they were all localized even though the app is entirely in English. Nibs and images with english in them were checked as being localizable. I had a strings file.

    I just wanted to share an interesting phenomena that I have observed as Battery Status's sales have exploded:

    Fans in foreign countries want to do your localizations for you. You don't need to email them or offer them money; they will come to you.

    Because I already had everything in the en.lproj file, I was able to tell them to just open up the bundle (this is a Mac app; IDK how much more work it would involve for iOS,) add in an appropriate localization .lproj for their country, and use a text editor to localize the .nibs and .strings file.

    Battery Status now has a German localization, with French, Japanese, and Danish localizations underway, and I haven't offered any money to anyone. The person who did the German localization was ecstatic when I wrote back to them, told them thanks, and asked if they would translate one last phrase: "Localization by: [their name]".

    Just some food for thought.

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