The Inauguration

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    Nov 11, 2004
    Being a witness to history in person is not easily measured or valued until years from now.

    Never the less I had the time of my life for a brief 5 days. A book could be written, but someone else will do that.

    In the end there was way too much security and yet not enough. The WH tour was shorter than I would have liked, but meeting the Chairman of the Appropiations Committee on three different occasions more than made up for the WH. As a complete nobody in the world of politics I had access to the third most powerful member of the house and give him my 2 cents regarding the budget. In the end he remembered me and introduced me to his wife. This means a great deal to me since he met hundreds of people in the last three days. Everyone has a pet project they would like to have funded. I found his staff to be friendly and very young. A few of them will get somewhere.

    I know this belongs in the political section, but I did express a political view point
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    Congrats on your access. But don't be surprised to see this go to the Political Forums in short order.

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