'The internet will collapse in 2006'

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
Doomsday, of sorts there....

Hope to never see it, but it seems well within possible scenarios. I just hope fixing it doesn't take away too much privacy from the users....



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May 31, 2004
How can the Internet collapse? It already did back in 2000 when the Y2K bug sent us back into the stone age. oh, wait...... . . . . . . .


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Oct 27, 2003
The internet won't die, the machines would never allow it. After aal, if the internet died, where would they get their energy from?


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Jul 17, 2004
"There are many bad people who want to create chaos on purpose," said Kari, who has in the past voiced doubts about the internet's future.
Yeah, many bad people trying to sell me viagra...


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Oct 12, 2004
Cough yellow journalism cough.

This article made no argument whatsoever.

Thesis: Because of spam and hackers, the internet will die.

I am wondering what these two things have to do with each other? Spam has no affect on standalone servers, letalone backbones. Virii and hackers can't affect backbones -- for the most part. If they DID (extreme circumstance), most backbones would still be up. The only instance in which a backbone could really get knocked offline is through a massive DDoS, which wouldn't work very well and not last long.

As for spam... umm... ever heard of a spam filter? These sensationalistic "journalists" really need to try a little harder if they're going to cry "sinking of the Maine." At least Hurst proposed a somewhat credible scenario. This one doesn't even do that.


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Oct 20, 2002
Sounds like for the infrastructure they should switch to soem xServe Raids. Mac OS X should be the new software or some other form of Unix. This just can't be 2006 is les than two years away. :eek:


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Jun 25, 2002
LaLaLand, CA
Oh my God! By that logic, TV will cease to be because of commercials. How will we survive?

If anything deserves a :rolleyes: that does.

Edit: the article, I mean. Not wdlove. :p

Les Kern

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Apr 26, 2002
Some Finnish guy?
I can make my own prediction: The Internet will be expanded, and have a "channel" specifically for spam and viruses. There will also be one for Finnish scientists who spout doomsday while backing it up with zero facts.

Colonel Panik

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Feb 23, 2004
Dublin, Ireland
Two years is a long time in the computing world. And the people who'll be most affected by a collapse are the people who are most capable of preventing that collapse. So it won't happen. What will happen though, is that more and more people are going to become aware of good computing, security, etc.


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Oct 27, 2003
solvs said:
Oh my God! By that logic, TV will cease to be because of commercials. How will we survive?

If anything deserves a :rolleyes: that does.

Edit: the article, I mean. Not wdlove. :p
I know your post had plenty of sarcasm in it, as well as some funny truth. So I don't know whether I'm pointing out the obvious what...but here it goes anyway ;)

From my understanding, the reason the internet will collapse is because of the traffic on the internet will exceed the bandwidth of the internet as a whole. Like adding 5x as many cars to the roads as exist right now. All the extra cars represent the increased spam and viruses, as well as more users using the internet with faster connections. This mean the average user won't be able to access parts of the internet, because whole sections of the internet and the infrastructure will be tied up and bogged down.
I think during the hight of whatever the big 2003 virus was (forgive me for forgetting, I'm a Mac user ;)) the statistic I kept hearing was the the virus accounted for 70% of all emails sent. Ouch.

Or was I reading way to far into the article and I just pulled all that out of my arse?



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Oct 23, 2002
Abstract said:
From naked people placed in pods, of course.
There's naked people in my iPod?!

Oh, wait... ;)

This article seems fairly fishy... Where are the sources? What research?