The iPhone doesn't need a larger screen, it needs a smaller bezel.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Radiating, Apr 12, 2013.

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    This might sound crazy to the screen size zealots out there but I actually very much like the size of the iPhone 5. It's small, light, fits in your pocket and fits in the palm of your hand easily.

    I do however think that the screen could be a tad bigger. Why? So I don't have to hold it so close to my face. And so it's easier to see content when sitting or perched on a table.

    The thing is that the iPhone 5 doesn't need to change it's size or it's form factor even a screen as large as the Galaxy S3's could fit within the confines of the current design.

    So. I have a simple proposal. Don't focus on a bigger device, keep it the same size and make the distance between the bezel and screen smaller. The device stays the same size and the viewing area is used more efficiently.

    To those that say that their fingers would be strained with a larger viewing area, I would point out that iOS doesn't use the very corners of the screen, meaning you have a little extra room to play with. I think most people would feel that 4.2"-4.4" would be an inconsequential change for your fingers but a monumental change for your eyes.


    I propose a iPhone 5 with 50% more resolution and 0.2" - 0.4" more screen realestate.

    If you're interested in why the resolution is only 50% higher not 100%, read this article (essentially 50% more resolution would look just as good):
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    There is a simple fix for all of this crap...

    All menu buttons and notification centers should be at the bottom of the screen. You will never have to reach to the top of the screen for anything other than clicking a link on a website or gaming or whatever maybe.

    Its that simple...I have no where near large hands and a galaxy s3 i can easily reach the notification center pulldown. The galaxy note 2 I had was a little more difficult but doable, yet annoying though. That was the only reason i got rid of the Note 2. I am actually thinking of getting it again, it is easily the best Android phone out there(including the s4) The S-Pen seems like a gimmick to most but once you use it you will see how it can be very useful(Especially at work)


    Oh and to reply to all this...a 4.2"-4.4" screen would make a big difference since it would change the overall look and feel of the phone. Making the iphone 5 taller did nothing other than make it taller, websites and everything else look exactly the same. Increasing the width of the phone will make everything larger.

    But even still..a 4.4" iphone is just to small. People want larger phones and its been proven. Apple just needs to cater to both markets. Keep a 4" screen iphone and also make a 4.8"-5" and then make a 3rd for the phablet world around 5.5"-6".

    You can say these are to large for you, but if there is a choice of 2 or 3 iphone sizes it will please EVERYONE who is in the market for a phone and they will at least look at the iphones when making a decision. All these sales for the S3, S4, HTC One, Note 2, ect.. are most likely because people are looking for a larger screen and apple is not offering one. If Apple did offer one i would guess 20-40% of the people that bought those other phones would probably pick one of the 3 mentioned iphone sizes above.
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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news... but the example with the smaller bezel has a larger screen too.
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    I had a similar idea, but rather into the opposite direction. I like how small the iPhone 4/4S is and I'm quite sure that its size could accommodate the iPhone 5's 4 inch screen, if only the bezels weren't tht damn huge. I'd upgrade to such a phone in an instant. I just don't like the "lengthiness" of the iPhone 5, and hence won't get either that or the 5S.
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    Absolutely agree !4.2" with a similar form factor as in the picture will be the right dimension.
    But I think we are going to see that on iPhone 6 next year


    This could be a good idea: a cheaper iPhone 4" and a larger 4.8-5" ... but save us from phablet please !
    They are just ridiculous ... Keep them in the droid world ...
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    I completely agree with you here bro.. It's a dream coming true if Apple can maintain 4" screen with iPhone 4S body

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