The iPhone Effect: Can Apple Save Its Other Products?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 21, 2007.

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    Wow. That was some absolutely terrible writing/analysis. The iPhone cannibalizing sales of the Shuffle??? (or the "micromini version" as the article's author calls it (it's not clear if he knows the name Shuffle, given the general ignorance revealed by the rest of the article)). If it were merely a problem of names and grammatical errors, I could forgive, but it seems to be a general lack of understanding about economics or human nature.

    Don't waste your time with this article.
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    the most meaningless, badly written, unresearched article I have wasted 60 seconds of my life reading. dont waste yours.
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    What? How many people say "I need a high end smartphone, with iTunes support, mulittouch etc or a 8GB Music Player?!

    Not many...yes some smartphone user might not buy a Nano(when they would have it they have gotten a Treo and an iPod Nano, but either way Apple
    s making $$
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    Are we keeping a log of these articles?

    are you keeping a thread with all these naysayer articles so that we can reference them later? I won't be so smug as to say that we'll be laughing, because you never know. However, one thing a lot of these articles have in common is that, despite evidence to the contrary, they all see Apple as a one trick pony. Apple has successfully expanded its business in the past, and I believe they can do so again.

    The one area on which I agree with one of these analysts is this: Apple does not appear to be well-prepared to do without Steve Jobs. That fault lies squarely at his feet for not grooming a successor. The public sees him as Apple. Even if this isn't true, the perception that it is has the company's fortunes on a hair-trigger.

    Disney went through this when Walt died. They were able to coast along for a little bit, but once his brother and the "Nine Old Men" died or left the company, things went downhill for a while. Apple and Steve Jobs should learn from that example.
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    well - if everyone prone to buy a shuffle, nano or ipod video - chooses to buy an iPhone instead i guess Apple will loose alot of money...right :D
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    I just hope the Video doesn't die because of the iPhone.
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    Unfortunately (if you are looking into the future) Apple IS Steve Jobs! There is no grooming a succesor in this case. Clearly, given SJ's illness, we can be certain that Apple has thought this through. But Steve is not your typical mediocre, conventional thinking guy! He is unique and that cannot be replicated. Apple will not be the same without him and one can only hope that he lays out a pathway that will guide Apple for a few years after he is no longer there. Jonathan Ive is a stunning part of the picture as well, so, in a sense, Apple is doubly vulnerable. One can only hope that there is a group that will NOT be headed by anything like the past Apple CEO's whose visons were cluttered by their heads being embedded in their colons.
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    Your response indicates the problem. Apple may actually be well-positioned to live past Jobs and Ive, but the PERCEPTION that it is otherwise could have great (negative) effect on the share price and/or sales.

    Grooming a successor does not mean cloning. Agreed, there is only one Steve Jobs, but he isn't the only person out there who can "Think Different" (Don't get started on the grammar, anyone. If you don't get it, you don't get it.) These people are rare, but if Apple is going to last past Steve, due to death or whatever, he needs to identify a person, or people, who can carry on with Apple's core principles, without asking the question, "What Would Steve Do?"

    By the same token, Jonathan Ive is not the only designer out there. Yes, he has set the design language for the current crop of offerings from Apple, but they don't look like the original Macs. And eventually, the design language will change again, and it doesn't necessarily have to be Ive to do it.

    Will it be the same Apple? No, it can't be THE SAME, but a properly prepared company can continue with the innovation we've come to expect from Apple.

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