The iPhone Versus The RAZR

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 26, 2007.

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    Love this quote:

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    I use the RAZR and love it. But my idea of a phone is being just that, a phone. And non-intrusive since I keep it in my pockets... And also, I'm not really concerned to lose it or drop it.

    But this is all "apples and oranges" (pun not really intended...) as far as I'm concerned. I personally see the iPhone as an entirely different beast: a "Mac micro". Not has a phone.

    If I ever need a computer I can carry around, then the iPhone is the only way to go.... :)

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    This isn't surprising. The RAZR is nothing new. Its feature list, at launch time, was virtually identical to all other phones at the time. Its feature list today is also the same as modern phones. People buy the RAZR because it's thin and good looking, but it's purely a cosmetic decision.

    The iPhone, in contrast, has a feature set and a UI that is completely different from anything else. People are buying iPhones for more than just cosmetic reasons.

    Comparing the two phones is just silly. Aside from being able to place calls and take photos, there isn't much that the two devices have in common.
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    Iphone is a computer and a phone.

    razr is merely a phone.
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    Sort of... but cosmetic isn't quite the word....

    Like many other people, I bought a Razr, but I did it for 3 big reasons.

    1. My cellphone provider didn't offer many other attractive phones (US Cellular), and I wanted one I trusted wouldn't fall apart in 3 months.

    2. Motorola has consistently been a brand I can count on to get good cellular reception.

    3. The slim form-factor of the Razr meant it could go on a belt clip without digging into my side and constantly reminding me it was there.

    I don't equate "light-weight" and "slim" with "cosmetic" features. The overall look, color and finish are cosmetic decisions. Slim and light have functional benefits.

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    I just do not get it.

    They also forgot to factor in the fact that apple is loaded with fan boys and girls who will buy anything of apple's the 2nd it hits the market and call it great. A lot of the early sells where just a bunch of fan boys. Not to say that a lot of non Zealots and fan boys didn't buy it.

    Apple has the ability to make a hype factor. Consider the razer sold 750k in the first 90 days with a huge hype like the iPhone had is saying Moto did something very right.

    Also I do not buy how they say the iPhone sells are going to keep climbing as fast as they claim. Most of the reports I have read is sells of the iPhone are slowing down.

    Now I do think the iPhone is a great phone and I might think about getting a G2 one. Right now I am fine with my LG 400 phone. It functions as a phone. As for the RAZER it looks cool but I never been a big fan of it.

    Also like others have said it to completely different things. the iPhone is something COMPLETELY different than the Razer. It has more functions than just your basic phone. The razer sold 750k on just looks alone
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    RAZRs have crappy build quality, I've both experienced and witnessed.

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