The iPod accessory industry reacts to the new iPods

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    Link: The iPod accessory industry reacts to the new iPods
    Description:: iProng asked iPod accessory manufacturers for their thoughts on Apple's newly announced iPods last week, including all three new iPod models, iTunes 7, the Movie Store, and the upcoming iTV device...

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    why even bother with this articles? these are all companies with vested financial interest in the iPod so of course their not gonna say anything rude.

    I guess I just don't consider a whole page of "this is a great progression for the iPod, we're excited to revamp our products in the coming weeks" to be very insightful reading. :rolleyes:
  3. billpalmer macrumors member

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    That's why we asked specific questions such as which of their existing iPod nano accessories are compatible with the new nano, whether they plan on offering accessories for the new shuffle now that it's so tiny, etc. This wasn't just an exercise in fluff.

    And as far as the frankness of their answers, one company responded that they preferred the old nano, and another responded that the shuffle should be discontinued, so these aren't exactly all press release-style answers :)
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    Question One: Which of today's three iPod revisions excites you the most and why?

    Question Two: Which of your company's current iPod nano accessories do you expect you'll need to revise to be compatible with the new Second Generation nano? Are there any of your accessories you've been able to confirm will in fact be compatible?

    Question Three: Considering the tiny size of the new iPod shuffle, do you believe the shuffle still needs to be accessorized? If so, are you planning on offering accessories for it?

    What’s your general reaction to the new iPod nano 2G?

    How do these new products affect your existing iPod products?
    When can customers expect updated cases/products?

    Quotes from iProng (horrible name for a website) and iLounge.
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    I'm not suprised to hear them say that since they can't make any accessories for it! I think it's a great product and I think it will sell extremely well. I have a nano and I'm thinking about getting a shuffle now.

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