The Ituness/Iphone yellow "Other" bar of Death

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by deceptichop, Aug 14, 2013.

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    Dec 16, 2008
    In the words of 9 visits to the Apple store "the absolutely WORST case of the yellow death/ghost bar we have seen."

    Yes, and I'm not exaggerating here.

    This is technically an Itunes issue, but it affects my Iphone. I posted this in the Iphone area as well, but no help.

    It started with my purchase of the iphone 5. I bought it about 2 weeks after the launch. I have the 16 gig.

    and because of the yellow "other" bar in Itune's summary, every 4 weeks I have to TOTALLY restore my phone is a new iphone. Can you imagine!??

    I back everything up before I restore, but can you possibly IMAGINE doing this every month!!!?? And if this continues, the SAME ***** will happen with my upcoming 5s.

    I have restored my phone every which way 30 + times now.

    I have had EVERY Iphone since 2007, until now, I have NEVER had this issue.

    After the apple store couldnt fiqure it out after 3 visits I:

    I have since replaced my hard drive in my MacBookPro, TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have since wiped out my 140 gigs of Itunes, then re downloaded it all. Took me over one month to do that.

    So after 9 visits to the Apple store, they FINALLY gave me a BRAND new replacement Iphone.

    and yes, STILL the yellow bar of death.

    I am CONVINCED that there is a corrupted file SOMEWHERE in my 140 gigs of Itunes. It is NOT an app. I have wiped out ALL the apps. It is either a mp3, or video file.

    So here is my question to the group, is there some kind of 3rd party software that I can use that will FIND this corrupted file???

    Apple says that they do not have any such software.

    Thank you very much in advance
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    Jun 29, 2006
    Try this:

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