The Katrina Aftermath as it is now...

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    Apr 7, 2005
    Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?
    So I saw on the nes this morning that along the gulf coast there is more than 15 cubic tons of debris still around, which equeates to about 15 football stadiums full. The New Orleans Convention Center has been completely renovated, and helped serve as a venue for Madigra.

    There's about 67,000 homes destroyed in Mississippi alone, and only about 38,000 government homes provided.

    There's still parts of New Orleans with flood water left a few feet high...

    It doesn't look like our Government has taken too much time or care here still. I could be wrong.

    Does anyone live in this area to confirm how things are going? Is FEMA doing anything progressive?
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    Dec 3, 2002
    My aunt says it's still a desolate place. She did get to keep her job, but at 4 days a week and a 20% pay cut, and only becuase she's essential.

    There's debris still everywhere, and parts of the city are completely abandoned. My grandpa drove through just to see (he lives on the North side of the lake) and said it looks like a warzone.
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    Cubic is volume. Tons is weight. Mutually exclusive. However, I would not at all doubt the idea of 15 football stadia's worth. :)

    Sure, the 9th Ward, I imagine, still has water in it. It's below sea level. Gotta do something about levee construction. Takes time.

    Popular Mechanics online has a good article about the difference between myth (urban legend) and reality about Katrina...

    Edit-add: I ran across this at TimeBomb2000:

    It purports to be from a bus driver who worked the evacuation. Excerpt:

    "I have been out on disasters for over ten years now and they are all chaotic at best especially the big events. They are too big to get a handle on in short order. They can take from days to weeks to get out of the chaos stage and into some kind of organization. The politics can be horrible to say the least...

    If you have not been through one first hand and want to see what it is like before you are affected by such an event find a humanitarian aid organization and volunteer to go out on a or several disasters. It is a eye opening experience and very good to understand what you might be going through if an event happens in your area."

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    Or in this case months. I agree about the politics, but aren't organizations like FEMA there to fix such issues? What a mess. I understand it's going to take awhile, but this is ridiculous. No wonder we can't help Iraq, we can't even take care of our own people.

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