The most bonkers thing I've done with my Watch yet


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Oct 30, 2008
So I texted myself a link to the HTML5 Internet speed test and clicked the link on the resulting Message on my Series 5 Watch.

(You didn't know WatchOS now has a browser? Now you do.)

And: Its WiFi throughput is pretty pokey compared to my Mac (which clocks at about 120Mbps on the same WiFi), but the test runs!

And here you thought the Watch forum was safe from "Safari is snappier" posts.

UPDATE: A kindly Redditer suggested running the same test with my iPhone turned off. This increased the throughput by more than 10 times! But today the test will not run to completion ( crashes too). Shrug. Meanwhile, the Watch, when disconnected from the iPhone, manages to blaze through Internet data at about half the rate of my Mac or iPhone XS, as you can see below. Impressive.​
I'd surmise that Bluetooth Low Energy data is more power-miserly than WiFi data, so the Watch prioritizes that channel if it is available, though WiFi is much faster. Fascinating.​
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