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Discussion in 'Games' started by DISCOMUNICATION, Dec 1, 2006.

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    So the PS3 is region free, but the Wii is region locked. It's actually been confirmed by Playasia that you can play import GameCube games on a Wii with the Action Replay, but not the FreeLoader which I use on my Cube. I haven't used and Action Replay since the days of cartridge gaming when it was called a Game Genie. Is it a memory card or a boot disc? I have a feeling boot discs aren't gonna work with a slot loading drive. The 2 systems I have swap discs for, Dreamcast & GameCube, both have flip top lids. I skipped this solution for the PS2 because I didn't want to force the tray open or get one of those ridiculous flip top mod cases. I know some one will eventually make a mod chip, but I hate mode chips. I hope a solution becomes available that won't risc damaging the hardware. I fear flashing the firmware could leave me with a $250 paper weight as well.
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    I heard the Freeloader does work, but I don't know if it's been confirmed. I'll have to ask a friend of mine who has one.

    I thought the problem with the PS2 is that no one was able to create a working boot disc so the only want to play import games was to solder a mod chip to it. And of course, the Slim PS2 does have a top-loading drive now.
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    I hope Nintendo wises up and releases a firmware update in the future to unlock the region code lock...I mean, why do they do that in the first place? Other than the UK voltage...thing.
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    The Wii is not region locked, the software can be if the developer chooses to add region locking features to it. It is solely dependent on what the developer of the software you are playing decides to do. Import sites should be a good source to figure out which games have and do not have region locking on them, I am going to assume most games will not have any.
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    It's all locked

    Then I guess every publisher has chosen to region lock their software, because Yesasia tested all of their stock and nothing works outside of the region it was intended for except controllers those work fine no matter where yo buy them.
    Are the PSOne & PS2 region locks still in place on the PS3?
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    But if the game can detect which region's console it's running on, then it is locked.
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    If you do a google search - such as this.....

    it lists many sites which state that freeloader does work ! and since I have the Japanese version and have tried freeloader, i can say that it does indeed work !

    or go to

    See the quote "Now shipping as new version! Allows Gamecube™ import game playback on Nintendo Wii™"


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