iPad Pro The new iPad Pro bending issue is driving me crazy, i can’t make up my mind of buying it or not.

IPP 11" LTE + WiFi bent

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Feb 8, 2019
I saw many people talking about their iPad bending after they bought it, which
drives me crazy, I am not going to spend money on something weak.
I mean, i will take care of it for sure, but i saw people saying it bent AFTER they put it on their backpack...

Btw the one i think of is iPad Pro 11" WiFi model.


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Apr 30, 2015
United Kingdom
I have a wifi only 11" pro, mine is fine although I do find myself taking extra care of this model.
My previous iPad was a 10.5", and although its also quite prone to bending, I find myself being more delicate with this version.


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Oct 28, 2012
San Jose, Ca
I have a launch day 12.9. It’s carried in my backpack daily. Then in a messenger bag when I need to step into more formal meetings. All I keep it in is either The Apple folio or the Apple folio keyboard. No bending issues. If I were you I wouldnt let it drive me crazy. If I were going to let something drive me crazy, I think I would want it to be something more important than an electronic device. :)

Go buy it. Look it lever in the store. Take it home and enjoy it.
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Aug 15, 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada
I've gotten 2 of these. First one was stolen and then I got an insurance replacement. Both 11" WiFi + LTE and neither of them were bent. I've had my replacement a little over a month and still nice and straight! I wouldn't let the possibility of it being bent deter you. If you open the box and it's bent, exchange it!

It's such a great device and it looks so nice! if you're worried about bending it afterwards, maybe you should just stick it in a rigid case that won't let it bend? The Speck folio is a great option, I have one that I used before I got the Smart Keyboard Folio.

I just throw mine into my messenger bag and take it with me to work every day and no issues!
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Sep 23, 2014
Well, I was one of the people who said that I had been planning to upgrade when they announced the new iPad's but then have stated that I planned to wait until the next version primarily because of the bending issue. As of this week my wife and I are new owners of two new iPad's, 12.9", WiFi only. A co-worker and several friends had purchased new ones and everyone that I know that has purchased one had no issues with bending. I am not implying that it is not an issue but after seeing that no one I know has experienced an issue I decided to join the club.

Both of mine and my wife's are perfectly flat. No issues as of now. And it is an awesome device. I'll update this post if we experience any issues but as of right now I am not regretting our purchases.
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May 6, 2011
OP, you could have read any of the other 40 posts on this issue saying the exact same thing presenting the same extremely biased and skewed poll data.
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