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    The article argues the iPhone (ATN) and iTablet (ATNN) is a glorified Newton and thus destined to failure.

    I disagree. These handtop, networked, touch screen activated, devices are more akin to an original Lisa (in a slightly thinner and smaller box), with network access better than a mid-90's PowerMac, and an interface unlike those but as useful as a Lisa or Mac+, and applications rivaling any platform in the world.

    There are some (consumer) applications this format of device are not well suited to. Those apps are better run on a desktop powerhouse, a server or other large display enabled device.

    But that is not for lack of compute power. It is for lack of legacy devices like a mouse, a keyboard, a drawing tablet, or a very large display.

    Interestingly most of that could actually be overcome in an iPod classic sized device with the latest 2010 handtop chips, a bluetooth Blackberry style keyboard, an IBM portable style pointer (a stem), and an external display or projector (if only wireless analog display devices were still in inventory - TV - if only). The compute power itself is comparable to a 5 year old full power desktop, the display capacity is better, the networking is better and the local storage is better and faster.

    You literally have a PowerMac in your handtop. Please don't hurt yourself.

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    "Next year, in what might be his final act, Steve Jobs will overwrite his own past. He’ll rehabilitate his most notorious failure, the Newton, by introducing the most important digital product since he introduced the first personal computer, the Apple Macintosh, back in January 1984."

    This part of the article makes me disregard everything else they wrote. How can we be expected to accept any of their "facts" when they don't even know Steve Jobs had NOTHING to do with the Newton project aside from killing it.
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    These article is Praising the upcoming tablet

    While, like most tech articles these days, are tough to follow without a lot of effort. The point he is making is that the new device will be HUGE and it WILL have a bigger impact that even the iPhone and the Mac itself.

    Not sure I agree with the Newton being a bad design, especially not in the top 4 of all time (the apple puck mouse needs to be in that group) but I think he is hitting the Newton hard to contrast it with the expected success of the new device.
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    And, what's more, the Apple Macintosh was NOT the first personal computer.

    Did any research go into this article? :eek:

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