The ominous blinking System Folder in OS X

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by TheDayWalker, Oct 25, 2004.

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    Oct 25, 2004
    New to the forum….

    Not so new to Macs, I have a situation and I was hoping that amongst the others that you could dispense some advice as to how to remedy it.

    I have a Dual 800 with 1 Gig of RAM, running 10.3.5, Master HD is an 80 Gig and the Slave HD is a 120 Gig. All has been going well I thought of swapping out the 80 Gig for a 120 for the room off course. The only thing that I have done new lately is I bought the LaCie Dual Layer DVD Burner. As to how it works that is another story to be told, it does work though.

    So I remove the old drive (after backing all data up) as if I have done let’s see over a thousand times, as I am a techie. So I install the new 120 Gig drive in the bay. All is well and good until I boot up and I see the blinking icon the one you all know “No System Folder” well I knew this was going to happen (Techie) had the 9.2.1 system software disk ready to go (Yes I need the old OS 9 please long story. Well I reboot and insert said OS 9 CD to my amazement it did not mount. I think well I messed that CD up one to many times try another, well I did, and then I tried all kinds written and non-written. I even tried “Apple Hardware Disk” Yeah! That too! None would mount this was a nice surprise for one who has to get ready for his next film project.

    Therefore, I think well bad DVD drive or something else is wrong with the System so I try to put back the old HD and there it is like some nightmare that will not go away. The ominous blinking System Folder in OS X.

    So I guess what did I miss were do I start as there many questions I am asking myself. As to the DVD my two ideas to that are the update from Apple that came first but that holds no water whereas the new LaCie DVD could this have some how messed with the DVD-R 103. To which it gives me an excuse to go out a buy the 108 or even the 109. Which I would not like to as I want a G5 just like all you guys.

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