The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -50

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    I am trying to find out what this error means. I have searched here and on google and cannot find any reference to -50.

    I am trying to read from a 64gb Micro SDXC card that was used in a GoPro Hero 3 camera. It is formatted as EXFAT.

    The card reader I am using is a Sandisk SDDR 113 which supposedly can only read SDHC cards up to 32gb.

    I have used the reader to successfully write files onto the SDXC card well beyond the 32gb threshold.

    At the time I got the error, less than 32gb was used. I have since recorded more video onto the card and these later files can be read ok but if I try the two files that give the "(error code -50)" they still do.

    Is it likely this error is related to an incompatibility between the card and the reader or should I just reformat the card and accept the loss of these two files or is there something else I can do.

    For a few errors I have seen, deleting a plist somewhere is sometimes the answer.

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