The Parking™ App for owner driver (promo codes included)

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    May 13, 2010

    We launched our new iphone app. named The Parking for parking fee and location management.

    The Parking™ calculate parking fee in advance and let you know the parking fee on REAL TIME. It show you where you parked your car and where you are, and the short cut to your car from where you now.
    It would be helpful to manage your car when you park your car.

    You can check The Parking™ in following Links

    I have asked Dev.Team and got Promo Codes.
    Number of Promo Codes is limited, so I can not let you all have.*
    But anyway, though it is not so much, Here is some Promo Codes.*
    The early comers will be served.

    Here you have promo codes for free of the iphone version:
    1. XL43JK4APAFP
    2. 43J9EK3ATWT9
    3. JMJM64PWFLA7
    4. ER9AYF3XY3TH
    5. K34XH9TTR3TN

    Hope you guys use our new App. The Parking™ freely with this Promo Codes.
    Please use it freely and hope you to write a review in App Store. *

    I say again, the early comers will be served.

    Thanks a lot

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    Jun 28, 2004
    Chicago, IL
    Just used the first one.

    This was the last one.

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