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Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by SMM, Oct 12, 2007.

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    The past decade has left many of us believing we have lost our voice in government. I have been of like mind. Then about a year ago, I bumped into the political blogging going on. I did not realize it existed to the levels it now has. The public is becoming much more informed, and is organizing at levels that can make a difference. Here is an example of one small, but important victory.

    I admire all of you who come here and discuss issues. Even those I disagree with, at least you are awake and taking an interest in what is going on in our Country. That is always the first step. I would like to encourage those who want to make more of a difference, to do so. Small contributions add up and make a big difference. Joining in on email campaigns and other direct action programs is also very effective. It used to be kind of a pain to write letters, so few did. Now it has been made easy. Let's go win a few.
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    I've said before that bloggers (and political forums and suchlike) have been instrumental in getting some huge stories pushed from the corners of the internet to the front pages of newspapers -- despite the MSM's apparent reluctance to investigate anything on its own.

    In that respect, Al Gore's "invention" of the internet may be viewed as the one and only thing that has kept real news alive when the MSM has all but abandoned it.

    Hell, the man deserves a second Nobel Prize just for that.

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