The powers the be obviously do not want me to have an iPhone!

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    Dec 19, 2008
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    Well, I am officially on my 3rd iPhone 3g in 2 weeks, unofficially the 4th. My first iPhone that I received for Christmas had to be exchanged on the 26th because of what appeared as a scratch under the glass on the top near the 3G sign. As there is no Apple store in my city, I went to the ATT store where it was purchased. Straight exchange, no prob. A week later, I noticed a stuck pixel in the bottom left of the screen, implanted right in the middle of the left most tab (during phone and app store modes). I called Apple and they wanted me to head to the nearest apple store which was 2.5 hours away. I went back to the ATT store and showed the guy the pixel and he said he could replace it for 20 bucks restocking fee. As this is cheaper then 2 hours in gas, i said sure. He brings out a new one, unboxes it, and hands it to me after ringing up everything. I end up finding a piece of dust under the screen right in the middle. I hand it back to him to look at it and he almost chucks the thing. After talking to his manager, he tells me he can give me one more iPhone and if I am not satisfied then I can get a different phone or a different carrier. He gets out another one, I give it a good look and walk out of the store. On the way home another stuck pixel arises and I swear it wasn't there in the store. This one not so bad as it is permanently in the bar whether in landscape or portrait.

    Anyways, I am now in awe of how bad the QA/QC at Apple is on these damn things. I've read posts about guys having 6 or 7 phones in 1 month. This is outrageous! For some reason I really doubt HTC or RIM have returns like this. Anyways, looks like I'm stuck until I make it to an Apple store and talk to a Genius and see what he says. Just thought I would share my string of bad luck and lack of quality by Apple and customer service by ATT.
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    Wow. I am on my second iPhone, an upgrade from 2G to 3G and I bought my two sons iPhones as well -- all 4 no problems. I guess I had some good luck. Good luck getting a perfect iPhone!
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    Although I've been satisfied with all of my iPhones, I feel for ya man.

    I went through the same thing buying my last car. Ended up keeping the third one after taking the first two back. I don't even know what a stuck pixel looks like (knocking on all the wood within reach).
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