The president was .5 miles from my house tonight.

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    At Approximately 11pm the president and servicemen departed by way of oversized marine corps helicopters from the Carlisle Airport in Carlisle, PA tonight, 0.5 miles from my place of residence.

    Bush appeared at a 300-person, closed invitation family-style picnic and softball game for "the elite". Along the blockaded streets which entered "Village Park," hundreds of protesters gathered hours before the president's motorcade trucked through.

    It was a fun and active time, with many disgruntled young and old liberal Americans chanting, heckling drivers, singing, yelling, thrusting sloganistic signs and generally causing a peaceful civil nuisance. Among the chants was my favorite, "What does democracy look like? This is what democracy looks like!"

    Carlisle, PA is a small, rural town of historical significance (Molly Pitcher, civil war) presently most noted for it's War College and Dickinson Law school. The area which encompasses Carlisle and spans the central portion of Pennsylvania is notably conservative. The airport here is labled a "business airport," mostly patronizing tiny aircraft and a flight school.

    I was very impressed with my town's grassroots ability to come together as we did tonight, especially in Pennsylvania (an election battleground state); the upcoming is probably the most important election of my life, and I am pleased to embrace the opportunity to speak my mind.

    As soon as a news source posts coverage of the event, I will add a link 1 link 2.
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    Glad to see that you and your neighborhood got to make your position known.

    I can't recall a president who has been protested this much since Nixon. He is a uniter, not a divider...just not in the way he thought. ;)

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