The Problem Lies With $$

Lt. Freeland

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Mar 2, 2002
Do you know why things are the way they are?

I know.

People have stopped caring about how to make things better.

People only desire money.

Money to fuel what they call "a living".

I am no different.

I have to have money to buy medicine.

I like to eat food other people make for me.

This simple truth can be applied to your arguments.

$15.95 for a plastic disc? We are fully capable of music.

$399.99 for a machine to play with? We can entertain ourselves.

People have died because IGNORANT BASTARDS are greedy.

But what do I know?

I'm only human.


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Jan 13, 2002
secret city
I believe that the trick is to not let the money control control the money. If your priority is attaining more and more money first before anything then you have a problem...on the other hand if you know its place and are able not to be controled by it then your okay (in most cases). Its not the money that is evil its the hearts of certain people who are behind that money that make it evil. Fact is we all need some sort of currency to live but none of us need to bow down to it and treat others sub human to obtain it. The human is way more valuable then any amount of money we can imagine. We all need to apply that sort of standard no matter who we are. Microsoft has not learned that very basic concept and they will pay for that.