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  1. zuffen macrumors member

    Nov 16, 2001
    Anyone know the current supply situation on the current models and supplies.

    I can't help but wonder if Apple is using up current supply and there was a larger surplus of 800 chips . Hence the iMac early release versus the other two models. If so then the Next G4/5 line will be released when current tower stock has been liquidated.

    I've noticed a rash of ebay liquidation/price drops.

    I think the towers as we know it are the last of the series and there will be a new enclosure for the G4 speed bump. And the G5 will be early next year.

    I see the ram and bus speeds ramping up to current trends. Also the tower line will consist of two model as the trend is to move away from "poweruser" machines to small workstations.

    Of course anything can be custom ordered on the tower but it will be two speeds and dual offered on the higher end.

    How many of you guys really need the tower?

    The idea is to move away from scsi and third party cards and to have the perfect machine prebuilt. Future expansion will be in storage as firewire as part of the hub system.

    The current line of chips will be relegated to the new iMac. And I foresee a pro model iMac with a larger screen and dual monitor out. After this what else would you need?

    Also I see the 15 inch flatscreen becoming standard package on the towers as Apple is pushing that way. It has always bugged me that a monitor had to be ordered instead of included.

    Most PC sellers include a monitor and have an upgrade choice.

    I must rest now

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