The Right and Left Join to Oppose Government in Criminal Cases

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by mkrishnan, Nov 24, 2009.

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    Sorry for two new PRSI threads in one day...

    This one is more serious. (Whole article not quoted -- see link above).

    I think it's interesting, especially because with the basic issue of enforcing criminal laws, I think there's less ideological agreement between the right and the left, particularly in that, outside of the center left, most liberals believe in the idea of rehabilitating those who commit crimes and more conservatives believe in punishing them, most visibly in our differences on the death penalty (which I openly view as lacking prudence based on the false positive rate, lacking moral justification, lacking evidence of providing benefit to the community, and lacking financial sense).

    On the other hand, conservatives have more than once been behind alternative corrections ideas like boot camps and so on -- they may not overall generate great results, but at least the idea there is an idea of ultimate re-enfranchisement of the convicted individual.
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    This is the part that bothers me most. I'll be the first to agree that the law is too broad, but I see the USSC's interest to be in favor of big business and politicians, NOT the little guy.
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    I am all for rehabilitation for 95% of criminals. vicious murderers and child rapists are exceptions which I do not believe can be rehabilitated. Lifetime in jail is not proper justice for these people.

    As for the over criminalization I have to agree completely, we are jailing people for very stupid things when we don't have enough jail space.

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