The siren call of OS X...

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by kelhart, Dec 27, 2002.

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    Dec 27, 2002
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    When I got into computers back in the early 80s, there were basically two directions kids were going in:

    There were the commodore people, and there were the Apple people. I started off with the commodore, we used PETs at school, I had a C64 at home, then an Amiga 1000.

    When I went to college, they were using PCs for alot of work, so I got a PC too. I started with a 286 then a 386. My home computer I pretty much used for games and the occasional bit of homework.

    When I got my first professional programming job, the outfit I was with was using UNIX (IBMs AIX flavour). This is when my hatred of windows slowly started to grow. The stability of unix was amazing...compared to the consistantly failing windoze.

    Of course, a big UNIX like AIX couldn't be aforded by your average individual. Then I discovered Linux. My home PCs, which were now progressing to 486, Pentium I, II and Athalons started being converted for dual booting. Windoze for games (wasn't good for much else in my opinion), and Linux for doing any real work. And as linux grew more stable, and more functional, the guys at M$ could never seem to iron out the bugs in Windoze.

    Throughout these years, I pretty much ignored the existence of Apple and the Mac. I had seen some, tinkered with a Mac classic (I think that's what it was) at one point. But they didn't blow me away, and I was always convinced that Macs were for the 'artsy-phartsy' crowd. And me not having a lick of artistic talent, well...I stuck to Linux.

    So then word about OS X starting making it's way around. And these damn sexy little laptops like the TiBook and then the dual USB iBooks started to show up. And I thought to myself, here is an OS, that appears to have UNIX like stability, with support for commercial apps, all in one package, a pretty cool looking UI, and I can get at the unix terminal and do things the way I'm used to anytime I want. Hmmmmm....

    Well, June 12th, 2001, my curiousity finally got the better of me. I went and purchased a 500Mhz dual usb iBook, with the combo drive and 384 Mb of RAM. OS X was cool, but a little slow, and a tad buggy. Then 10.1 was released, much faster, much less buggy, then Jaguar...

    What can I say..I'm sold. Oh, and today...I'm forced to use Win2K at my current contracting gig. The bloody machine is slow, it can't multitask worth a damn, and I have to reboot it a few times a week. Each night, and weekends, I get use my iBook. It doesn't crash, it doesn't fight me, it's just there to serve. And the only time it ever needs rebooting is when some software install or update demands it.

    It is quite simply the BEST computer I have ever owned.

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