The Speed Download uproar and why Yazsoft are not “weasels”

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 15, 2008.

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    I can't believe what an issue this is becoming. Yazsoft has always stated from the very first release of Speed Download that minor updates are free, major updates cost money. Guess what? Apple does exactly the same thing. If you received a free copy of Tiger, were you also expecting Apple to hand you a free copy of Leopard? If anyone actually cared to look at the terms of the Speed Download 4 promo that was in the bundle, it stated that it was for the 4.x series only, and further major updates would cost the (gasp!) $25.
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    Okay, I'm confused. YazSoft is claiming that updates to SD4 will be free, but upgrade to SD5 is paid. They make the distinction between update/upgrade but in their FAQ they claim that Mac OS X 10.4 was an update, not an upgrade despite 10.4 costing money.

    To quote the YazSoft site:

    "This is not a Speed Download error or bug.

    Based on postings in the Apple forums, this seems to be an issue with Safari that is affecting some users. According to users that have emailed us, this problem cropped up at roughly about the same time as the Mac OS X 10.4 update showed up. We have researched this matter and found the following fix for the convenience of our users."
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    Yeah, well, I could care less. I couldn't figure out what Speed Download even did. They appear to replace the simple download window with a complex application window with lots of shiny icons that didn't offer much more in the way of core functionality.

    For example, it didn't "speed" my "download". It got uninstalled.

    I'm not sure what I was expecting - I mean, how could it go faster. Perhaps, I thought, it might make use of mirrors, but nothing I download had any mirrors, and if it did, how would it know.

    The real reason I bought into the Heist was for pixelmator -- which is buggy -- and ChaChing -- who ALSO removed their upgrade deal.

    Oh, and CSSEdit, which I'm happy with.
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    i didn't really see the point either...and that window that pops up everytime i downloaded something got really only lasted a day on my machine then i uninstalled it...actually first i moved it to the trash and then i couldn't download anything normally....then i installed it again and used the uninstalled feature....maybe i'll try it again some day when i'm bored.
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    Wow... the internet can be such a silly place sometimes.

    I can see both sides of this. It sucks to buy a product that is made obsolete in 3 weeks. It also sucks to run a promo for your software and have it destroy your reputation.

    I don't see why the internet community is like this all the time. There's always these people who flip the shizzle and talk about how someone is evil, stupid, and out to get them. People come on and talk like these guys ate their babies. They compare buying SD4 (for next to nothing, one might add) 3 weeks before the upgrade and not getting it for free is like paying for a trial license, and that's just plain stupid. You still have a version 4 license.

    There are obviously issues of clarity that need to be worked out, and people should be emailing the developers asking them to write apps that are less confusing in terms of the update process, obviously with an option to permanently ignore future updates. But, man, get over the sense of entitlement. People need to learn that just because you can't see someone, doesn't mean you can assume the worst about them. We all need to learn to be polite on the internet. When you criticize someone/something, remember to be polite. Don't assume that the developers made their update process confusing to try and gouge you for more money--or at least, don't accuse them of that all over the place. Whether or not you turn out to be right, it just makes you look like a jerk.

    In different vein, I am glad I didn't bother with this promo. I returned Pixelmator for a refund after about a month. I ended up buying and education copy of PS CS3. Pixelmator is beautiful, but I just found that I always discovered bugs or just plain oddities or inconveniences that interrupted my workflow. Couldn't take it, it made photo editing a lot less fun...
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    Oct 9, 2006
    well in some ways Yazsoft did not make it clear that it was not going to be able to get the upgrade. They put in in the fine print and even then it is a little convoluted.

    They should of put in crystal clear. that the Speed Download software in the package was not eligible. By stating it in the download. This XXX product is not eligible for an upgrade. Instead of hiding in the words they used.

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