The Stablest of Geniuses

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by benshive, May 24, 2019.

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    Ah yes, the man who saber rattles with other world leaders on Twitter and pressured the superintendent of the New York Military Academy into burying his academic records directly after challenging Obama to prove that he wasn't a bad student is reminding us again about how stable of a genius he is. :D
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    ELECTIONS have consequences......congrats on all the liberals who stayed quiet while Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie.........
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    Yeah, it’s annoying when I hear liberals say that Trump got lucky by winning. He just capitalized on the DNC railroading Bernie and trying to force such an awful candidate into the White House. If they don’t learn that they definitely won’t be able to manage to win in 2020.
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    I am convinced that the election wasn't about Hillary vs Trump(or others), nor Democrat vs Republican, nor left vs right. The election was a referendum on the political-class/career-politicians, to which Trump did not belong. The choices being offered by mainstream candidates was more of the same by both sides. That's why Trump appealed to so many.

    The democrats, who were supposed to be the champions of 'labor'/unions (the middle-class-blue-collar voters), abandoned their base to pursue causes such as climate-change(detrimental to the jobs of their constituents), identity-politics, etc. The republicans were more interested in promoting/justifying globalization for the benefit of their patrons. Both affected the livelihood of the middle-class negatively, and neither side was willing to admit it nor try and address it. IMHO

    The same happened with Brexit, and the recent election in Australia where, I heard that unions were endorsing conservative politicians over labour politicians. Go figure.

    It’s not difficult to realize that the majority of the middle class is probably more concerned about feeding their families rather than things the major parties were harping on about; which seem like fringe issues in comparison.

    The political landscape seems to be undergoing a transformation in the western hemisphere.

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    Nah. This fella below is the Most Stablest of Stable Geniuses.

    Stable Genius2.jpg

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