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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by spuncan, Apr 28, 2002.

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    Jul 18, 2001
    As I browse the Internet I skim over many nerd sites. I begin to notice how within the last 4 months many article relate to only two topics in general. The Futuristic Utopia (Latin for nothing) that will revolutionize our society, And how today almost everything is at that point where it useable but not fun (there is no word for this its just a feeling). Now the Computer industry could easily change this (this includes Apple). They could, they should, and foremost they can. Both the x86 and the PowerPC chips run very well yet at this point they could all be using 64 bit chip sets and have Dual Processors that have 20 gigs of DDR ram strapped to them. They also could startup in less the 10 seconds. The only part of the computer industry that has any kind of a reason for being where it is right now is the GPU industry because motion picture quality graphics is tied too much to the CPU. Now these specifications seem like some kind of dream machine available only in your wildest dreams or sci-fi thrillers. But all of these technologies are available right now and if these computers were mass-produced they would cost only a little more then a high-end Macintosh. And now many of you will think no this guy must be crazy but I’m right you could have all that for 8-10 thousand U.S. dollars.

    As for the operating systems OSX is the future according to Apple, and they’re right it is much better the any version of Windows in almost all ways. It also beats Mac OS Classic in many ways. Yet the core of OSX is that archaic Unix core unlike the friendly Classic System folder. Now Apple could spend some more time and make it so that the Classic System folder is incorporated into the Aqua interface. Then have the millions of lines of code tucked away so that only some one who wanted to view that would have to, and let everyone else cruise through the preferences folder deleting old application’s preferences. Or creating a simple alias and move it to the startup items folder and the boom it will open upon startup. As for Windows you have a while to come before someone like me will nit-pick all the small flaws.

    As you can see there are many ways you can make computers fun to use and I’ve only named a few. Yet not one company has tried to do what PC’s were originally intended for fun. That’s right originally PC’s were designed for nerds to sit in their dark basement and have fun. So spread the word e-mail your computer company and do what the public is meant to do gripe at the current quality of things.
    All comments are welcome.
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    Jul 9, 2000
    i remember two existing technologies that did not take off like predicted...wireless and fiber optic

    while these two technologies will play a role in the future of computing, many lost a lot of bucks on speculating on them

    and satellite seemed so promising at one time

    as it stands, cisco (the leading WAN company) is still insistent on pushing ethernet cat 5 cable

    oh well, some things move slowly and some things move very fast and if i knew what was going to happen, i would be the richest man on earth;)

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