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    Serial pictures is a kind of painting.Refers to multiple images tell a story or event a continuous process of development.Should actually be called "continuous painting."Generally the main line drawing, but also color.

    Continuity, narrative element, integrity, realism and so on.Ancient Chinese comic performance in a different way of painting.Ink, gouache, watercolor, wood carvings, drawings, cartoons, photography, and even paint, acrylic can be used, but the most common and most traditional is still the lines painted.

    A good serial pictures is not only the story could be more lively and interesting, fascinating, but also allows us to appreciate the ancient Chinese classic painting methods and experience China for thousands of years deep cultural heritage.

    Yun Yi net worth treasuring the serial pictures series produced in ancient China became the electronic version of the hope that the iphone mobile phone users anytime, anywhere can enjoy the wonderful fun comics.

    We use the iphone's multi-touch technology and next page special effects, so that makes it easy for users to browse each image, each of the comics are three kinds of browsing modes: next page, graded, and free-slip, the user can freely choose like browsing .

    Currently we have launched four major ancient Chinese classic "Romance of Three Kingdoms", "Journey to the West", "Outlaws of the Marsh", "Dream of Red Mansions" series of comics, followed by other series will be launched. Please continue to focus our updates.




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    We have modified some problems

    Welcome to read this funny comic:rolleyes:

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