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    Not just summer, but we are half way through the year and I had too much free time waiting for the Forza 6 Demo.

    The MacRumours A-Z of Summers

    Rain, rain and... endless vertical tsunamis of rain. Welcome to Autumn, and then Winter. New iPhone Keynote is round the corner and we can now all go back to stalking dispatch information and UPS planes while at work. Anyhow, my summer break was brilliant. So here is the A-Z of Summer. This forum summed up, enjoy.

    A: A is for Allegedly, when There is no proof behind a statement or suggestion, usually these rumours are made by throwing sticks in a river and seeing what words they make. Or if that is not fast enough, pulling it out of their arse with tweezers. Or something is simply not proven yet. This is promotion for my Forum dictionary thread, have a look.

    B: B is for 'Best', Best iPhone ever, you heard it here first. Is what Apple have allegedly got in store for us. Who knew?

    C: I had an obvious four letter option which would have been starred out, but C is for Complaining. If it were a sport, we would be champions of it. We can complain about products which are not even announced yet, we are skilled. Maybe.

    D: D is for "Disappointment", something about a third of the people on this forum will feel regardless as to if the new phone is utterly life changing.

    E: E is for "Exynos" something Android users have been throwing at us all summer, much like Monkey's throwing their excrement.

    F: F is for Failure, something many aRe predicting the new iPhone to be unless 32GB is the base model. Which is after all a definitive feature.

    G: G is for Greedy, something Apple allegedly is for not making iPhone's free to those who upgrade yearly.

    H: H is for Hormonal, something many users of this forum have been with regards to the leaks lately.

    I: I is for Idiocy, need I elaborate any further?

    J: J is for Jony, victim of many rude fat jokes all summer. He is festively plump, leave it out.

    K: K is for Keynote, the upcoming Apple event that most MacRumours newbies will be deciding if they are selling their millions of Apple Stock over. Allegedly.

    L: L is for Lies, naming no names, Eddie Cue.

    M: M is for Migraine, the ethics forum.

    N: N is for Never (Steve would never). A phrase I have heard countless times this summer.

    O: O is for Operating System, a certain Beta version of this is pretty much the main culprit for any mistakes somebody makes on their phone. Such as spelling.

    P: P is for Pro, as in the iPad Pro. Upcoming 12' iPad which if it does not run on OS X many forum users are going to die.

    Q: Q is for Questionable, something many threads in the Wasteland section are.

    R: R is for Repulsive, Galaxy Note 5.

    S: S is for Stylus, who wants a Stylus?

    T: T is for Twit. Those who stole from Apple using that Piracy Jailbreak tweak which has resulted in hacking and money being stolen from them. Who would want to steal from someone? Oh I love the irony.

    U: U is for Unamused, the moderators at Beta threads.

    V: V is for Vulgar, you are in the right website.

    W: W is for Writing, something I have not done for months and those of us who have been on holiday may need to learn again.

    X: X is for Xiphi, a sword or something resembling a sword or knife. Getting stabbed is something that will happen to you on this forum if you have no credible evidence. Proven.

    Y: Y is for Yosemite, something we will dearly miss.

    Z: Z is for Zirconia. As oppose the the composite back on an Apple Watch Sport. The two are vastly different. Zirconia is also used in alloying of grades of Steel. But more importantly when heated under extreme pressure, explosive primers. Blow-upGate confirmed. (Somebody will try it, it will trend on Twitter, and it will be a serious flaw that will kill us all, allegedly.)

    Let me know what you think! Just meant to be a bit of fun :)
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    You win some, you lose some. Guess the dictionary remains my finest thread. No worries, cheers for the honest and polite feedback!

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