The Ultimate MacAddict Quiz... Which Are You?


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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
For those of you who subscribe to MacAddict magazine, there was a 60 question quiz in this up-and-coming September issue. Basically, you need to answer questions to see how you rate on a scale of geekiness.

Score 0-15: CocoaPuff. Basically you're a newbie to the Mac world.

Score 16-30: ClassicUser. You're dedicated, but your knowledge only goes so far.

Score 31-45: ColonelPanic. You know quite a bit of MacOS X terminology and how things work. Basically, intermediate to advanced knowledge of Mac hardware and software.

Score 46+: TerminalGeek. "You're the real deal. You shouldn't be reading MacAddict, you should be writing it."

So, after all is said and done... I scored 52. How 'bout the rest of you Terminal Geeks? (And no cheating!) Post your results for some good ol' bragging rights. :D


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Dec 29, 2001
I might go out and buy it today, I'll probably be a tereminakl geek, eevn though I don't use it much


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
I'd like to take the quiz also...but I don't get the magazine...used to...

but I thought it was more of a gamer's mag than anything else...


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Jan 6, 2002
Buffy's bedroom
Originally posted by Rower_CPU
I scored a 48, so I consider myself a know-it-all geek who's still is cool enough to get chicks.;) :p :D :rolleyes:
Nah man, you can only pull chicks coz you are a Demi God. There is no other reason.


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Jan 18, 2002
behind you
hey, I'd like to take the quiz as well, yet dont subscribe...if theres an online version...please post it...if not and someone could make a dirty version of it for us nonsubscribers that'd be most excellent!


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Jul 28, 2002
Online version available? Or is it possible to post the questions on the fourm if you're really bored?




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Jan 9, 2002
Austin, TX
I think I'm still subscribed to Mac Addict... The last 5 issues I've gotten each said that it was the last... Of course, it usually takes a while for Mac Addict to get down where I live...

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
All right, guys. For those w/o MacAddict I'm going to do you this favor.

For the past two and a half hours I typed up and organized all the questions from the quiz and typed them ALL up manually. :)

I also have the answers, if anyone wants to PM me so I can give them the answer key personally (in three parts, since there is a 1000 character limit).

These are the questions straight from the catalog. I am going to post all 60 questions in two posts, since I cannot fit them into one. I have also posted the pictures required to answer #8 and #36 in the second post.

So, here you are, folks. Enjoy. :)

The Ultimate MacAddicct Quiz

Fancy yourself a Mac geek? Think you can take on Steve Jobs and his team of engineers in a battle of brains? Convinced that you should be editor in chief of MacAddict magazine?

Then prove it. Take our quiz to find out your level of Mac expertise and addiction. Our 60-question quiz (earn one point for each correct answer, plus extra credit) tests your MAC IQ on a wide range of topics, including hardware, the OS, Apple history, Mac culture, and your favorite magazine (uh, that’d be this one). Oh, and one more thing: You could find the answer to every one of these questions by using your friend and ours—Google. But then you would live the rest of your life knowing that you are nothing more than a MAc addict poseur.

Now that we’ve infused you with enough warnings about the immorality of cheating, it’s time to get on with the quiz. Good luck!

(1) What does LCD stand for?
A: Lit Crystal Display
B: Lit Cathode Display
C: Liquid Cathode Display
D: Liquid Crystal Display
E: Lewd Crude Dude

(2) What is Xserve?
A: Dell’s new education machine
B: Sun’s next-generation workgroup server
C: Apple’s new rack-mount server
D: Apple’s server operating system
E: Reviews editor Niko Coucouvanis’s favorite porn site

(3) Who directed the famous “1984” Apple ad, which debuted during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII?
A: Steven Spielberg
B: Ridley Scott
C: George Lucas
D: John Lucas
E: Andrew Tokuda

EXTRA CREDIT: Who won the Super Bowl that year?
A: Los Angeles Raiders
B: Washington Redskins
C: Los Angeles Rams
D: Miami Dolphins
E: I’m a Mac geek, not a jock—give me a break

(4) In Mac OS X, you must have root privileges to do which of the following?
A: Change the Trash icon
B: Change the hard drive icon
C: Run Software Update
D: Change the location of the Dock
E: Send spam to Steve Jobs

(5) What does the i in iMac stand for?
A: Interactive
B: Internet
C: Injured
D: Intelligent
E: Intel

(6) Who was the founding editor of MacAddict magazine?
A: David Reynolds
B: Rob Capps
C: Rik Myslewski
D: Cheryl England
E: Cheryl Tiegs

(7) In games, what does the term MIP mapping mean?
A: A technology for giving objects the appearance of texture
B: The smoothing out of jaggies on the edges of objects
C: A technology for storing and generating differently detailed version of one texture man
D: A technology for making sure level maps don’t look bitmapped
E: The opposite of trilinear flip-flopping

EXTRA CREDIT: The MIP in MIP mapping stands for:
A: Multiple Isometric Packaging
B: Multum in Parvo
C: Multi Interface Pass
D: Magnum in Populo
E: Many Insane Programmers

(8) Identify the man in the [attahcment labeled b.]
A: Steve Wozniak
B: Phil Schiller
C: Jon Bon Jovi
D: Fred Anderson
E: Steve Jobs

(9) Which of the following was not a problem with Microsoft Word 6? (Note: Everything was a problem is not an acceptable answer.)
A: Long load times
B: Typing-latency issues
C: Didn’t follow standard Mac-naming conventions
D: Didn’t allow you to save more than two pages in a document
E: Sometimes had problems finding parts of itself

(10) What is Bluetooth?
A: A short-range wireless technology
B: The code name of the 1GHz G4 chip
C: A new networking protocol
D: A new type of compact memory
E: A type of blood disease that turns your teeth blue

EXTRA CREDIT: Who is Bluetooth named after?
A: A Caribbean pirate who stained his teeth by eating blueberries
B: A Viking king who stained his teeth by eating blueberries
C: A Spanish explorer who stained his teeth by eating blueberries
D: An Ericsson board member who stained his teeth by eating blueberries
E: There’s no way blueberries were involved in this

(11) In the mid-1990s, which company staged the famous “Fight Back for the Mac” ad campaign?
A: Power Computing
B: Umax
C: Microsoft’s Mac division
D: Apple
E: McDonald’s

(12) What was never a color for one of Apple’s products? (Hint: The one that should be a joke answer isn’t, sadly.)
A: Lime
B: Sage
C: Snow
D: Cherry
E: Blue Dalmatian

(13) What does kerning do?
A: Change the space between letters in a paragraph
B: Change the space between two individual letters
C: Change the space between lines of type in a paragraph
D: Change the space between two individual lines of type
E: Remove the oily sheen from cheese that’s been left out too long

(14) What is the bus speed of the latest G4 Titanium PowerBooks?
A: 66MHZ
B: 100MHZ
C: 133MHZ
D: 266MHZ
E: 50 mph
[How fast is the system bus in this puppy? True geeks know the answer.]

(15) What does yacc (a Terminal command that comes with the developer tools) stand for?
A: Yet Another C Compiler
B: You Are Criminally Crazy
C: Yet Another Compiler Compiler
D: Yes Another Compiler Compiler
E: Wait a second, isn’t that a large grazing mammal?

(16) Who invented the World Wide Web?
A: Jim Clerk
B: Bill Gates
C: Tim Berners-Lee
D: George Bernard Shaw
E: Al Gore

(17) What does AGP stand for?
A: Advanced Graphics Processor
B: Additional Game Power
C: Artificial Gaming Prowess
D: Accelerated Graphics Port
E: Adjustable Grappling Pole

EXTRA CREDIT: Who invented AGP?
A: Apple
B: nVidia
C: Intel
E: Al Gore

(18) Who owns the MP3 code patent?
A: Sony
B: Real
C: Schmitty
D: Fraunhofer
E: Celine Dion

(19) Which of the following features will Apple’s next major rev of Mac OS X (code-named Jaguar) include?
A: Quartz Deluxe
B: Windowshade
C: Handwriting recognition
D: A chat client for MSn messenger
E: A Windows XP emulation environment

(20) Which of the following is not a failed Apple technology?
A: OpenDoc
B: CyberDog
C: eCat
D: eWorld
E: eMate

(21) Which of these Terminal commands is a lined-based text editor?
A: vi
B: ed
C: emacs
D: pico
E: jenmo

(22) Which two companies were not authorized Mac clone manufacturers in the mid-1990s?
A:: Motorola
B: Umax
C: DayStar
D: Atari
E: The Royal Scottish Ovine Society

(23) Which of the following is a networking protocol?

(24) What person or item was on the cover of the first issue of MacAddict?
A: An apple
B: Steve Jobs
C: A Power Mac
D: Gil Amelio
E: Madonna

(25) What did the first Macintosh become known as?
A: Mac Plus
B: Mac 128K
C: Mac SE
D: Mac Classic
E: Mac Classless

(26) What is Cocoa?
A: An application environment for developing Mac OS X–only programs
B: A tool enabling developers to port their Mac OS 9 applications to Mac OS X
C: The compiler used to build Mac OS X
D: A debugging tool for Mac OS X developers
E: The stuff that makes milk yummy

(27) In what year did Apple introduce the first Superdrive?
A: 1988
B: 1999
C: 2001
D: 2002
E: I can’t afford one so I don’t care

(28) Name the delicious-sounding software company responsible for a slew of classic Mac arcade clones:
A: Hot Dog Interactive
B: Ambrosia Software
C: JellyVision
D: Popcorn Productions
E: Peachpit

EXTRA CREDIT: What was that company’s first game?
A: Maelstrom
B: Vortex
C: Apeiron
D: Twister
E: Cyclone

(29) What was the Apple Lisa?
A: A computer aimed at large businesses and costing close to $10,000
B: The only computer to ship with the Twiggy floppy drive
C: The predecessor to the Macintosh
D: All of the above
E: The best idea Apple ever came up with!

(30) What can’t the iPod do?
A: Charge it’s battery via its FireWire cable
B: Play a game of Breakout
C: Work with a PC
D: Store 30GB of music
E: Piss off music-industry tight-asses

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
(31) Which graphics processor comes in the flat-panel iMac?
A: ATI Radeon 7500
B: nVidia GeForce2 MX
C: nVidia GeForce4 MX
D: nVidia GeForce4 TI
E: *NSYNC G-Phatt-e

(32) What was the first Mac to include a SCSI port?
A: Color Classic
B: Classic II
C: Mac SE
D: Mac Plus
E: Mac Futz

(33) What is the maximum amount of RAM you can have in the latest iMac?
A: 256MB
B: 512MB
C: 1GB
D: 1.5GB
E: I don’t know. I had to use the money I would’ve spent on RAM to cover the $100 price on the iMac. But I’m not bitter or anything.

(34) Mac OS X is based on what flavor of Unix?
A: SunOS
B: Linux
C: Solaris

(35) Which of the following was never a code name for a Mac?
A: Mr. T
B: Colt 45
C: Magnum PI
D: Weed-Whacker
E: Yikes

EXTRA CREDIT [for question 35]: Give yourself a point for each machine you can name that matches a code name. Name all four, and you can have one of our jobs.

(36) What does [the symbol in the attachment labeled a.] represent?
B: Firewire
C: AirPort
D: Ethernet
E: Hands Across America

(37) What did Steve Jobs claim was the Inspiration for the new flat-panel iMac?
A: A lamp
B: A sunflower
C: A snowball
D: An igloo
E: A powdered-sugar donut hole. Mmm...donuts.

(38) In Mac OS X, what is the key command for creating a new folder?
A: Shift-Command-N
B: Shift-N
C: Command-N
D: Shift-Option-N
E: Shift-Option-Command-Control-Caps Lock-~-N

EXTRA CREDIT: In Mac OS X, what should this key command be?
A: Shift-Command-N
B: Shift-N
C: Command-N
D: Shift-Option-N
E: Shift-Option-Command-Control-Caps Lock-~-N

(39) Which of the following will help you edit HTML?
A: BB King
C: BBEdit
D: Bebe Neuworth
E: Bebe Rebozo

(40) Who has never appeared in an Apple “Think Different” ad?
A: Albert Einstein
B: Pablo Picasso
C: Muhammed Ali
D: Martha Stewart
E: Martha Graham

(41) What’s the largest number of color inks you can get in a Mac-compatible printer?
A: 3
B: 4:
C: 6
D: 7
E: 6.02 by 10^23

(42) In which of the following places has MacAddict editor in chief Rik Myslewski not worked?
A: MacUser magazine
B: MacWorld Magazine
C: MacHome magazine
D: A head shop
E: A gay bar

(43) From what company did Apple steal (uh...we mean, get the inspiration for) the concept of the mouse?
A: Xerox
C: Hewlett Packard
D: Intel
E: Russia

EXTRA CREDIT: Who invented the mouse?
A: Bill Gates
B: Bill Hewlett
C: Douglas Englebart
D: Engelbert Humperdinck
E: Al Gore

(44) Command-Option-Escape is also known as:
A: The three-stage attack
B: The three-finger salute
C: The triple threat
D: The three-pronged fork
E: Getting to third base

(45) Which of the following celebrities has never promoted an Apple product?
A: Barry White
B: George Clinton
C: Jeff Goldblumz
D: Buzz Lightyear
E: Kermit the Frog

(46) What is DDR?
A: A type of expansion slot
B: A type of cache
C: A type of RAM
D: A type of PowerBook battery
E: Isn’t that a country in Europe?

(47) What does ADB stand for?
A: Advanced Digital Bridge
B: Apple Digital Bus
C: Apple Desktop Bus
D: Analog Digital Buffer
E: Annual Dirigble Buyout

(48) Which of the following series of terms is in the correct order?
A: Mach, BSD, Quartz, Carbon, Aqua
B: Mach, Aqua, BSD, Quartz, Aqua
C: Carbon, BSD, Quartz, Mach, Aqua
D: BSD, Mach Carbon, Quartz, Aqua
E: Lettuce, bread, mayo, meat, cheese

EXTRA CREDIT [for question 48]: If you feel the urge to argue the semantics of the above answer with us, give yourself an extra point. You are a true geek.

(49) Where did Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak work (respectively) before founding Apple?
A: Xerox and IBM
B: Atari and Hewlett-Packard
C: Hewlett-Packard and Intel
D: Intel and IBM
E: Sizzler and Ponderosa

(50) What sort of hardware device does the Terminal window emulate?
A: A Freedom 50
B: An IBM 3270
C: A DEC VT-100
D: A Lear Siegler ADM-3A
E: A small chrome toaster

(51) The North American NTSC video standard displays at what frame rate?
A: 24 fps
B: 24.97 fps
C: 29.97 fps
D: 32fps
E: 6.02 by 10^23 fps

(52) What programming error shares its name with Apple’s street address?
A: Infinite Loop
B: Null Route
C: Invalid Route
D: Illegal Address
E: Tagline Exhibits Poor Grammar

(53) Which two of the following are not types of networks?
E: Marsha

(54) What type of PCI slot does the Quicksilver Power Mac G4 have?
A: 32-bit, 33MHz
B: 32-bit, 66MHz
C: 64-bit, 33MHz
D: 64-bit, 66MHz
E: Extra long, four bagels wide
[Knowing what kind of PCI slot is in the Quicksilver Power Mac G4 is the mark of a true geek.]

(55) Who played Steve Jobs in the movie Pirated of Silicon Valley?
A: Noah Wyle
B: Matthew Perry
C: Anthony Michael Hall
D: Jan-Michael Vincent
E: Ricky (oops, we mean Rick) Schroeder

(56) What image format is known for its compression capabilities?

(57) What does it mean to frag your opponents in a first-person shooter?
A: Trash-talk them
B: Sit around in one place waiting for them to show up
C: Steal their weapons
D: Kill them
E: Ask them why you can’t just all be friends

(58) What is a gigaflop?
A: 100,000 floating-point operations per second
B: 1 million floating-point operations per second
C: 1 billion floating-point operations per second
D: 1 trillion floating-point operations per second
E: A term Apple’s marketing department came up with

EXTRA CREDIT: Give yourself an extra point if you know that a floating-point operation is “a method of encoding real numbers within the limits of finite precision available on computers.” Give yourself another point if you understand what that definition means.

(59) What does it mean when an image is rasterized?
A: New pixels have been added to it based on the color values of surrounding pixels
B: It’s been converted from a vector graphic or outline font into a bitmap
C: It’s resolution has been decreased
D: It’s resolution has been increased
E: It’s composed only of the colors green, yellow, red and black

(60) Which do you prefer?
A: Genie
B: Scale
C: Suck
D: Ginger
E: Mary Ann

EXTRA CREDIT [from question 60]: Give yourself an extra point if you chose c. We know you’re a dirty little hacker.

Edited in 2004: You can download the answers here.



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Jan 1, 2002

I scored a 52! I'm pretty happy about that (I must a geek if that makes me happy). To make it harder, they should've thrown some Newton questions on there though.:)
Those UNIX questions are what killed me. I only know hat I see you guys posting here at MR.

Anyway, thank you sooo much for taking the time to post these! That was a lot of fun!


Ensign Paris

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Nov 4, 2001
well, sad to say but after 20 or so questions I got board and gave up :)

I will do it but I can happyly say I have fun on the mac, and thats all that matters ;)



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Jan 18, 2002
behind you
well, I got a very high colonelpanic...which is sweet cause I dont have OSX yet....until my new dual 1.25 gets here...hehe

once I have OSX watch out...


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Jun 14, 2002
I got a 41 (w/ extra credit stuff)

Pretty good for a normal guy who cant even drive yet, eh?

So im a high Colonel (Kernel, lol) Panic.

I dont know my UNIX or acronyms perfectly, but i get around. I also wasnt old enough to be tinkering around w/ the older macs, even though my brother, who is a mac addict from way back, had many of them. I'd send em to a musem or sell em, but my blasted parents gave em away.


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Jun 14, 2002
Here's the carbon Dated quiz that also came w/ it.
This an independent quiz and is not combined w/ the other quiz!!!

1) What was the processor speed of the Macintosh 128K?

2)What was the nickname of the Macintosh 512K?
A:Big Mac
B:Fat Mac
D:Big Boy
E:Meat Loaf

3)What was the first mac with the 800K floppy drive?
A: Mac 512K
B: Mac 512K
C: Mac Plus
D: Mac SE
E: The iMac

4) Which were the first macs with an ADB port?
A: Mac 512K and 512Ke
B: Mac plus and Mac minus
C:Mac SE and mac II
D: Mac IIx and SE/30
E: mac classic, LC and mac IIsi

5) The 15.8 pound (7.18 KG) mac portable sold for:
A: $2495
C: $4750
D: $6500
E: Since no one bought on, nobody knows.

6) Which innovations were not part of System 3.0?
B:Mini finder
C: Nested folders
D: disk cache
E: sliced bread

Scroll down for the answers


1. B
2. B
3. B
4. C
5. D
6. B, E

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
>I can't find the answers to the first quiz anywhere on the post, though.

>(KC) I also have the answers, if anyone wants to PM me so I can give them the answer key personally (in three parts, since there is a 1000 character limit).

Muhahahahaha! :D :eek:

BTW, not bad on the Carbon quiz. :p