The update of Free Online Fantasy Medieval Game "Throne on fire"

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    Jul 12, 2012
    The flame of turbulent days has not gone, the blood of
    brave army has not drained away. "Throne on fire" has
    updated during summer holiday. The free online fantasy
    medieval game "Throne on fire" invites you to join this
    exciting war. Let’s witness who will take the chance to
    be the winner in the new battle.

    More powerful monsters
    The roaring of monster comes from the button of valley,
    more and more powerful monsters such as dark evil dragon,
    flame dragon, ice dragon arrive at land. So the brave lords,
    please hurry up and take the double edged sword to conquer
    the monsters and create a new age. All the players will have
    certain chance to get orange epic during the war against
    those monsters!

    Better equipment
    With the coming of more powerful monsters, lords need better
    equipment to defend them. You will have certain chance to get
    orange epic during the war against monster. So come on and look
    for the epic, which is belong to you.

    Level up
    The level of lord, building, technology, farm, army has all updated
    , which will increase the production and expend your way to successful.

    More exciting battle
    You will meet strongest rivals during this summer holiday, so
    join the game and ask your alliances to fight!

    Please follow us @rockifone on twitter for latest game info.
    Game video:
    Download now at (English Version)
    (Arab Version)

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  2. qubeofwar macrumors regular

    Jun 23, 2012
    Awesome! I have always wanted a red alert kind of game on the ipad.

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