The Vibrating Pen patent and what it could mean to the iMac

Discussion in 'iMac' started by theSeb, May 28, 2012.

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    A very interesting take on this from cult of mac. I've long argued that the current desktop touch control implementation is flawed, both ergonomically and practically. However, using something like this would certainly make a "touch" based computer compelling and usable, especially when you combine it with the other old patent for the iMac to push it down towards the desk.

    I still don't think using something like this can replace the mouse/touchpad completely. Mainly because it's simply a lot quicker to move a mouse from one corner to the other, especially when it comes to a large screen, then it does to move your hand on the actual screen. Therefore, many things will still be quicker with a mouse, but the vibrating pen does have some interesting uses.
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    I was under the impression that Apple goes into the direction of 'virtual' touch screens - that is, you have your touchpad and it mirrors the area of your screen. Very quick to get used to and more ergonomical than the real big touchscreen. The only drawback: you do need to learn how to use it first.
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    Biggest hurdle to mass adoption of a 40 inch touch screen (from the linked article above) that can swivel down is that most offices I've seen don't have that much space. The screen now sits on about 6 inches of desk real-estate, and extends up horizontally. In front of the monitor's foot-pad is room for about a piece of paper and a keyboard.

    With a large screen that swivels down horizontally - even a 27 inch screen - you will need much more room between the back of the desk and the front, even if you don't leave any room at all in front of it. Which means you will need room to the sides as well since most people still need to refer to paper often while working.
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