The Wonderful Rise of the Right

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    May 9, 2015
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    The Labour Party in the UK, the traditional home of the left, is in chaos. Jeremy Corbyn has strong support from his party, is a principled and likeable man, but is widely seen as unelectable. This means that the Conservative Party under Theresa May now has free reign to swing to the right.

    We are seeing an end to so-called centre politics and extremist progressive rubbish and a return to traditional values favoured by the majority of the people. This is great news for justice and for good, and bodes well for the American elections this fall. There, too, a polarisation is taking place, with a choice between Trump the Great or Hillary the sadistic blonde nurse of a mental institution (I quote Boris Johnson, our fine Foreign Secretary). Let's hope Trump trumps the nurse.

    It is as though a great madness has been lifted from the mind of the world, and it is coming to its senses. The madness started last century, and the politicians who still harbour it are being ejected from office. For that, I am thankful.
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    May 3, 2009
    You won't be for long, since after a while you will be unable to blame liberals for everything no matter how hard you try. We remember 2001-2007 as well (GOP-dominated, filibuster-proof).

    And assuming anything can get passed, regardless of who wins - in case you hadn't noticed the bulk of the GOP has been anything but happy with Trump so they're not going to want to pass anything he wants without a ton of encouragement and facts they want.

    Oh, you missed the article where Tim Cook (or an Apple rep) discussed why some things have to be made overseas. Hint: It involves rare earth metals not found in America. ;)

    You might want to ask the Chinese who are attacking their own who wear Nike shoes or own iPhones why they hate America, all while many in America say things like "Nike and Apple may as well be Chinese companies". You will find how protectionism might not be so great long-term.

    Also, how is Trump great when he still hasn't provided any real details about making America great again? He's said things we all want to hear. So has Hillary, but comparison sites and even their own main candidacy sites show more meat to the bone on Hillary's side. I'm not saying Trump has said nothing, but some details don't seem to be as complete... the post I made a few days or weeks ago about the college student loan problem clearly has Clinton's plans being more coherent, even if they're not the greatest. Trump's was lacking in details. Maybe he'll forgive everyone's outstanding balances? Sounds nice, but you don't think that's going to happen, do you? Or do you?

    But since he is great, you must work for him so please share with us all the facts and things he has shared with you. I'd love to vote for him, but a few more details would genuinely be appreciated. Thank you.
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    The only thing that’s rubbish is any thought that “traditional values” are seeing a revival.
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    May 3, 2009
    P.S. Will you bitch and gripe when citizens of other countries co-opt and use your identical attitude and butt into your country's politics? Any volunteers so we can see how Benjamin reacts directly? I obviously cannot due to conflict of interest and comparative ease of showing him up.
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    Would love to see other graphs, which affect 100% of the population instead of 5%... like "income inequality" and "wealth distribution", or in more realistic terms "trickle down economics is voodoo economics" or "we don't value work anymore".

    And some traditional values can be good and not just valuing and respecting labor and laborers. Anyone who sits down and thinks about it will understand why monogamy is not a bad thing - for reasons of not spreading diseases, like HIV, and being considerate toward one's partner. Are these really values going away?

    What would Jesus do?
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    Corbyn is a dinosaur; a tired relic of the past. Labour needs some new blood at the top. Not a warmonger like Blair but someone not clinging to his/her glory days in the 1960s.
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    Those values you so hold dear like intolerance, hatred, sexism, racism, homophobia ....

    You're welcome to them... How often you pedal these radicalised values, which are not that different to the contemptable rhetoric of ISIS and other extremeists is more concerning.

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