The World Daily: Near-real time satellite imagery on the iPhone for the first time.

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    [app]The World Daily[/app] app is live on iTunes. Follow the link or search for "the world daily". It is the first app to display near real-time satellite images of any location on the planet. After you select a location, date, and zoom level, you can see a stunning view as if you were floating in space. NASA’s satellites circle the globe every day, and now you can access the results with a few taps on your device. The medium resolution imagery does not show things like people, cars, houses or even some small towns, but you can use this app to:

    • See major storms headed your way
    • Check for snow in the mountains before your ski trip
    • Watch wildfires change over time
    • Explore interesting landforms from a unique perspective
    • Enjoy the beauty of the earth from above

    • View satellite images updated daily at ~800 foot (250 meters) resolution
    • Select from three light band combinations that highlight natural color, wildfires, and snow cover
    • Share images with friends via email or save it to your device
    • Save favorite locations to easily view changes over time
    • Access a historical archive of almost 1 year of daily satellite images
    • Overlay political boundaries for reference
    • No adds or in-app purchases

    The Earth is big, beautiful, and ever changing. Explore the globe and share your findings with The World Daily. See some examples here:


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    I downloaded this app on my iPhone and love it. Do you know if there's an iPad version coming out?
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    iPad version coming this fall

    Yup- I'm working on making the app a universal app and on an update to include new features from iOS 6 like facebook integration and the new apple maps. I'll do a post here when it is ready. Thanks for the question.

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