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    Let's try a for-fun debate thread.

    Let's imagine a situation: Imagine we ****ed our planet up, so we decided to make a huge ship, cram it with, say, 1 million people (I did say huge), and send it to the nearest habitable planet, which is, say, 400 years away.

    That's about 20 generations.

    So we need to establish a government that will be stable for at least that long. What type of government would it be, and why would it be more stable than any other types of government?

    Looking at history, I would pick a dictatorship, since China and Rome did last a pretty long time. But neither of their governments lasted 400 years -- with stability, that is. There are, of course, many examples of short-lived dictatorships...

    Maybe it would be a completely new type of government we haven't tried yet?

    Discuss (and have fun!)
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    I'd put the population to sleep and keep a handful of military officers awake to handle operations. Strict protocol lead by a captain with a computer to back them up. And they'd all have iPad 70's.
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    Do the telephone sanitizers go or stay?

    On a less "for fun" note, why don't we assume that all forms of government are unstable, and create a system of checks and balances, possibly involving technology.

    Or forget the single-ship plan and do 2000 ships of 500 people each, and let each ship choose it's own plan.

    The strength of either plan is it doesn't require a single bet on stability to succeed in order to achieve its goal.
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    The biggest problem with autocracy is succession. There seems to be a tendency toward using hereditary succession, but that breaks down with generations, because sometimes you just cannot breed leadership ability consistently.

    Given that it is a spaceship, the obvious solution is Colossus/Guardian: a sufficiently powerful computer would be the best option for making decisions that humans struggle with. Of course, 400 years in space would not serve a computer well, as least of any design we are familiar with.
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    I saw this in a movie, it's called Wall-E.


    The ship ended up being ran by a computer reminiscent of HAL-9000 that became a pseudo-dictator of sorts and prevented the humans from getting off the ship. For many years, the humans became unaware of life outside the ship and lived a life where every person was sedentary and became fat. After realizing that Earth was able to support life again with the help of Wall-E and Eve, the humans overthrow HAL-9000 and regain control of the ship thus returning to Earth.

    Moral of the story and what would happen if this were done in reality, authoritarianism will end up being overthrown once the people become aware of the gravity of their situation.
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    The Venetian system lasted 800 years or so, and it was a democracy - but the Doge (their leader) was elected for life, and he was elected by a committee chosen by lot and previous committees made up of all the Venetian aristocracy.
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    There are only 2 near perfect governments in my opinion.

    1. Theoretical (or Marxist) communism. This has never been practiced ever as human greed for money or power changed it.

    2. Unification government. This is best described as how a colony of ants or bees governs itself. No laws, no crime, people just do everything right. You could argue that Star Trek's Borg have this form of government too.

    Both of these governments can not be utilised by humans sadly. The first, fails cause humans are greedy for power and wealth. And are not happy having exactly the same wages and conditions as everyone else. The 2nd fails because humans actually like individual freedoms and free will. Not just working to death like mindless zombies biologically linked to their job forevermore.

    Replace destroyed Earth with the chips computer failed and stranded everyone in a uncharted new part of the galaxy and you have the Starcraft Terran story. Blizzard basically wrote their governments to be democratic at first and slowly the all became more oppressive till they became a dictatorship under Mengsk. The same thing happened ancient rome. Was at first more democratic then later in became a dictatorship of sorts.

    Democracy is the best government we have. No government is perfect. Yes dictators have no pointless squabbles and can make easy decisions. No one to tell them no. But abuse of power almost always happens. At least in a democracy the elected officials have to answer to the people (via voting) and a group of people make the laws, not just one person.
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    Or lack of....
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    Not really. In the new ones, their government was a mess. Stolen elections, inept politicians, failing infrastructure, unending war, religious strife......Holy crap, I finally got it.
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    :D bingo

    In all seriousness, I loved BSG (reimagined). It accurately captured the human condition.

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