Theories of the (Near) Future: Touch ID, USB C, Force Touch, Fanless/Redesign

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    rhyzome macrumors 6502

    Apr 2, 2012
    I regret to say (given that I recently purchased a decked out 15" when I determined my previous one was more or less not workable) that it appears a number of innovations are on the horizon in terms of their being worked into rMBPs.

    Among them,
    USB C--which would have great utility, allowing us to possible do away with bulky power adapters (?) and not worry about which direction a plug is plugged in--
    Touch ID--which would probably simplify pesky processes of password management that tax all of our time and mental and finger energy, and seems plausible given discussions at the cybersecurity summit and with the widespread use of them in the phones (given how we can observe a trend of iOS/iphone innovations working their way into macs)--
    a fanless design, perhaps one or two generations of processors down the line from the current gen, and perhaps a form factor redesign that is even thinner than the current one--and
    Force Touch--a nice touch, which I list last and least (though it is likely first to be introduced!)--

    In addition, partly due to some of the above changes, I would expect further improvements in battery life (no brainer, though perhaps all of them are).

    Sounds like a lot of stuff that would really fit in with and simplify my life-style. I wonder what their introduction has to do with broader turns in the economy and why they are getting incorporated at this particular time.

    Does anyone think water-proof or more-weather-resistant designs are likely? I see this as possible given the likely eventual fanless design and the removal of yet another moving part--the trackpad clicker. Given that apple isn't afraid to modify keyboards and that a water-resistant port is easy to conceive and clearly possible (though perhaps a little more frustrating than a water-vulnerable port) to make, there seem to be few obstacles left!

    Perhaps as the new machines with said innovations would have no moving parts besides the keys and screen pivot, they could likely make the machines much more durable than they already are. Another plus.

    I wonder at what rate they will be incorporated. Retina seemed just around the corner for years before the first rMBP...and precursor talk about higher resolution screens existed even years before the concept of "retina".

    I just wish they were incorporated a few months ago, or that I'll be able to justify for myself the purchase when they are. Ha.

    Discuss your predictions and analysis of the (perhaps near) future rMBPs [specifically with respect to these recent new MacBook and recently discussed cybersecurity innovations, to demarcate this from superficially similar discussions]

    What do you see as predictable based on these (and perhaps other) recent innovations?
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    Jan 17, 2006
    Do you think we will we get a redesign of the MBP R in the fall?

    I would love a space grey MBP 13" R with butterfly keys and maybe touch id as well.
    With skylake coming this year, do you think we will see something like this in the fall?
  3. psykick5 macrumors 6502

    Sep 4, 2011
    Force touch? 100% yes. If the 13 has it the 15 will.
    Touch ID? I don't see it happening.
    USB-C? Maybe with a redesign, otherwise probably no.
    Waterproof? This is Apple we're talking, here. Remember the "you're holding it wrong" fiasco? They're not gonna do this. Not even on iPhone (where it belongs IMO)

    Now if Apple decides to do a redesign with Skylake (which I think they will even if they do the minor Broadwell update on the 15), then I think we'll get the new keyboard off the new MacBook as well as the same technology in the screen that's more power efficient and thinner. Resolution will probably stay the same. Contour battery will be used, SD card reader probably phased out. I think MagSafe will stay because if they phase that out then USB and Thunderbolt ports are out, too, which doesn't fly on a $2000 pro laptop. Fanless may happen, but I don't know how they'd pull it off with a discrete graphics card that gets toasty. They better have a 1080p webcam, because these ones are trash.
  4. Mikael H macrumors 6502a

    Sep 3, 2014
    I really hope the Pro line won't get a fanless design. That would pretty much kill any right to claim it's a pro laptop. There really is no reason not to push to max out performance within the limits of the machine's cooling ability - with fans.
  5. AustinIllini macrumors demi-goddess


    Oct 20, 2011
    Austin, TX
    I don't see how the end user realistically benefits from waterproofing.

    Take care of your laptop. That's not Apple's job.
  6. Joelburman macrumors regular


    Oct 31, 2014
    Found this post in another thread: "Just added a 2012 Refurbished MacPro 13", base model with SuperDrive, 500GB hard drive (will swap for 1GB SSD upon receipt) and 4GB memory at $829. Wanted the SuperDrive, as it is still relevant way for me to distribute photographs on location. Not really looking to do intense photo processing with it, but it will have Aperture, and I ordered 16GB Crucial ram kit for $114 delivered (Apple wants $435). Will use a small USB3 drive for backup, the SeaGate Backup Plus 2TB drives (actually Samsung Spinpoint M9T 2TB drives inside) for less than $100 now, have a few of those and they are just great.

    Already have a 15" 2012 MBP quad core i7 with 16GB memory, 1TB SSD and added 2TB drive (Spinpoint) in the SD bay. But that one is a touch too big to carry around with my camera gear overseas most times, so the 13" will replace it. Locally I will use the 15" for photo shoots.

    I now have 5 different 2012 Macs, 3 bought in the last 9 months refurbished, that ALL have interchangeable parts (memory, drives, etc., all but the MP 5,1 hex core use the same 8GB x2 1600 MHz memory chips) as I am just not interested in the Crap that Apple is currently making with non-interchangeable parts, soldered ram, very expensive flash pci drives, or now, 1 external port (What a joke the new MacBook is). All run on Mavericks and I really do not care to even upgrade to Yosemite, very happy where I am for hopefully 5 or more years. By then, who knows."

    I think it makes a lot of sense. If I were to dream about a "perfect" skylake redesign for my own needs it would be like this:

    "13 Screen and casing, haven't tested the new keyboard and trackpad but if they are as good as everyone say they are they are of course in. I'd actually would like the to expand the casing just enough so they RAM could be interchangeable again (not gonna happen but one can dream!). As for processor I'd really love to finally have a quadcore processor in a "13 rMBP! Stick with the faster stick based SSD but of course make them more interchangeable than they currently are.

    As for ports:
    Left side: Magsafe, 2x TB3, SDHC/SDXC card reader
    Right side: USBC x3

    As for the wireless charging I really hope they test that out really thorough before ever putting it on a MBP.

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