There was an IAMA from Foxconn insiders last night on Reddit. Pretty interesting read

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Polekat, Jun 3, 2017.

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    *Apple glasses project delayed (2018/2019 may be cancelled)

    *Macbook 2018 update DVT with smart any key technology (JV design) More information on technology here[1]

    *Apple home speaker (delayed late 2017). Hon Hai lost contract to another CM before Chinese New Year.

    *Updated iMac peripherals DVT (2018)

    *iPhone 8 EVTs (pre Chinese Lunar Year design)

    * iPhone with rear fingerprint sensor = misinformation

    * The next iPhone they saw test units with fingerprint scanners mounted below the glass but performance and yield rates were not good. I've seen reports of a rear fingerprint scanner which I haven't seen; our team thinks the previous design + camera authentication is more likely given our intelligence.
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    That insider sure has a lot of deep inside knowledge... I call fake.

    But hey, this is the most exciting set of Mac rumors we've had in 5 years.. I feel all sentimental now... *sniff* :D
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    I expect the iPhone 8 to be very good. OLED display (1440p display), iOS 11 features specific to the OLED model, wireless charging, fast charging via lightning, better dual cameras, 3gb-4gb RAM, A11 processor with more energy efficiency, Retina and Facial detection, a slimmer profile. The other hidden Apple features (hardware and software) won't be discussed until the unveiling.

    If it's a GS8+ with iOS, that would be a great phone for me to use for 2-3 years on a contract.

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